Review: One with You

One with You One with You by Sylvia Day
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh how I waited for this beloved ending to such an amazing saga -- I'm not ready for Gideon and Eva's story to be over. Such an emotional read. So sad it's over. Sylvia Day has definitely made me a fan of her's and I'm excited for new books!

Eva has definitely grown into a new and empowered woman. She is still fierce as she was before, but in this book she learns how to stand up to those around like Anne, her mother and Gideon. Eva is just the epitome of a strong woman with her own goals and smarts. I will always love her character.

Gideon --- what can I say about this hunk of man except for his major growth. He has definitely grown into such a remarkable man. He learns to deal with his emotions and to allow people to be in his life besides Eva. He is still the headstrong, bossy man he always was, but he begins to soften his walls -- especially with that puppy Lucky -- too cute! I love Gideon Cross.

The romance is always amazing between Eva and Gideon. It was ten times stronger in this book because not only were they already married, but they were building intimacy while they waited for their second wedding to roll around. The couples counseling really opened up their eyes to how they blackmailed each other sexually and emotionally. It brought them closer. They stood as a unit and made sure their love survived.

The sex as usual was just on point. I like that this wasn't as drenched in sex scenes, but I also like that the sex scenes were fierce, hot and raunchy -- especially with them now being married. I like the way they tried to hold off until their second wedding, but couldn't. It made so much better for them.

The twists and turns that took place in this conclusion blew my mind! I couldn't believe all that Anne was still trying to do, I seriously hate Gideon's mom for not owning up to her mistakes, poor Monica -- that was heartbreaking. All the craziness that ensued was just so awesome.

As I've said, I'm sad this story is over, but I'll definitely be re-reading this time and time again because the saga of Gideon and Eva is just phenomenal. Must read!

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