Review: Night of Pan

Night of Pan Night of Pan by Gail Strickland
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This book was a shocker. After reading the synopsis I didn't think I would like this book, but I really enjoyed this. It was centered around gods and oracles and was full of action, drama and deception. This was based around the time of the Spartan 300 and King Xerxes.

The main character, Thaleia is fifteen years and it starts off with her wedding day to a man she was promised to. She sets off to run away and ends up meeting the god Pan. After meeting him she begins to learn things about herself and her life. She learns that she isn't like normal girls, but she is the Pythia -- the connection between gods and mortals. She embraces her true self so smoothly. For her age, she is so mature and wise. She knows what she wants out of life and knew she had a bigger goal in life. Throughout this entire book, she was strong and courageous, never wavering in her true destiny. I definitely enjoyed her. She was phenomenal.

Pan and the gods were quite interesting. The whole Apollo and her mom thing was a bit creepy. I knew gods were jealous, but he was downright crazy for everything he did. Pan was such a sweetheart. I hate how he apparently looked ugly -- he was so cool either way. I was really rooting for him and Thaleia to be an item!

Dikoles is a power and money hungry man. I couldn't stand him because he took things too far. Using his role as a priest and the "right hand" to Apollo to pull blinders over the people. He was so disgusting. I wish he had died. Brygos was just the stupid traitor in this story. I couldn't believe how much he wanted to betray his people and have Thaleia to himself. I can't remember if he died or not, but I hope he did!

I enjoyed that preview of the sequel and really think I will be reading it because it started off pretty good. I'm curious to see how things pan out (no pun intended) for Thaleia.

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