Review: Motives: Everybody's Got One

Motives: Everybody's Got One Motives: Everybody's Got One by Monique Chanae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Phenomenal quick read! I loved the all the characters to a T. Even the crazy ones. The build up was insane and I'm definitely running to read Motives 2: The Reunion. Full of murder, revenge, jealousy and deceit.

Christian was a very smart female protagonist. She grew up around the streets, but never fully stepped into that lifestyle. It wasn't until she found out who killed her brother that she decided to put her big girl shoes on. I loved how sweet and innocent she appeared throughout the story. I enjoyed her.

Mekhi was definitely a keeper. Protective, loving, kind and hardcore. I loved how he wasn't quick to break up with Christian when he was lied to by Iris. That shows how rational he could be in finding out the truth even if something seems crazy. Totally loved him!

Iris is just a conniving young girl. She doesn't know anything about the world. She just knows how to use her body to get what she wants which is sad. She's looking to be cared for by a man instead of trying to work hard on her own. I do not like her at all. I hate what she did to Caleb, how she plotted against Christian, how she treats her son and let alone her friends. She needs some serious help!

Riq was a bit annoying and slightly stalker-ish, but I did like him. He was sweet with Christian, but the way he really treated woman was horrible. I don't have respect for him and how he helped Iris. I'm glad he got what he deserved and by Christian no less. He played his part pretty damn well. I do feel bad for his Tamara. I hope she finds Iris and rips her a new one.

Excited for more action in the sequel!

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