Review: Lighter to My Cigarette

Lighter to My Cigarette Lighter to My Cigarette by Monique Chanae
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was an awesome read! I enjoyed the writing, the characters and the build up at the end. That cliff-hanger has me dying to read the sequel Lighter To My Cigarette 2: Smoldering Embers. Monique did such a fantastic job with it.

Kai Ellis was a sweet young lady. She grew up in the world with a father that was biggest in the game, but she was also sheltered from a lot. Spoiled at times, but she had ambition which I loved! She was quiet, but badass when needed. After seeing how her fiance, Justice, started to go haywire and put his hands on her, she left him. She wanted to learn to be on her own and work. She was ready to act like the adult she needed to be. I loved how she had a strong head on her shoulder and knew how to take care of herself. She was kind, loving and didn't seek to harm people. She was a genuine person.

Quentin Roberts is the guy that unexpectedly, but not surprisingly steals your heart away. He wasn't into chasing after girls. He was focused on his son Amir and working towards leaving the game. He was a hardworker, protective, sweet and gentle, but when he had to put on his "gangster" face he was bout it! I loved him!

Justice Smith is a grade a asshole! I mean hitting on women, stealing, killing and playing mind games -- he was damn near delusional. I'm glad he got what he deserved at the end because I couldn't stand him one bit, but he did play his part extremely well.

The love triangle was a pretty one. I loved that Kai left Justice and he went insane. He thought he could win her over, but he failed. I didn't care much for the romance between Justice and Kai. I did swoon over Kai and Quentin though. They were meant to be!

All the other characters were awesome as well from start to finish. I'm definitely dying to see how this plays out in the next book!

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