Review: Heiress: Chivalry is Dead

Heiress: Chivalry is Dead Heiress: Chivalry is Dead by Monique Chanae
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heiress was pretty awesome read. Filled with action, drama, betrayal and confused lovers. The characters were all so developed that I loved them all -- even the ones I should have hated. They had such amazing backstories.

Ryann is a sixteen year old girl who had her life changed after the death of her parents. Her father, Vaughn Dixon, was the head of The Syndicate and killed at her sixteenth birthday gala. She had to witness the death of her parents. She was hunted down by the Pratt's and soon found out that the one guy she trusted was the one to betray in the ultimate way. Ryann was spunky and sarcastic, but at the same time she seemed a little shy. I loved her and seeing her take more charge at the end was awesome.

Micki, Benny's daughter and Ryann's godsister, was absolutely amazing. She was sort of the opposite of Ryann in being more outspoken. She had a spark to her. Both of these girls would make awesome heads for The Syndicate someday. Benny was an awesome god-father. He was protective, loving and also made sure his girls were loved by other men properly.

Cyrus was someone I was so disappointed in, but I could never hate him. He was raised, groomed and manipulated by his uncle, believing things about his father's death. When things came to light he immediately tried to right his wrong, no matter how long it took. I loved that! I also enjoyed the relationship that was brewing between him Ryann despite the craziness. So happy they had their first kiss at the end!!

Merv and his son Dane were seriously some delusional men. I couldn't believe how much greed made them turn on their own families. They are just despicable and I am so glad they both met their end one way or another.

Definitely will be reading more from Monique Chanae. She is a fantastic writer that definitely can pull a readers attention and keep them engrossed in the characters and story overall.

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