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Deadgirl Deadgirl by B.C. Johnson
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Deadgirl was something totally different and based on phantoms. I don't read many phantom stories so this was quite intriguing for me. I enjoyed the balance of the writing and language. This had romance, drama, action and your typical high school student needs -- overprotective parents, parties and more.

Lucy Day is your normal 15 year old highbschool freshman. Nothing unusual about her until she's attacked by 4 guys and killed. The only thingis she dies and comes back to life as a phantom. That is totally awesome. Even as a 15 year old, Lucy was smarter than the average person. No matter what was thrown her way she put up a fight and definitely tried to protect those she love. The powers she had were pretty nice, I just didn't like how her kiss or touch could steal memories. That makes it hard to be around people at times for her. Lucy Day was an awesome character.

Zack was absolutely amazing. I loved his kindness and love for Lucy. It was truly pure. Zack knew how to have fun. When he found out the truth about Lucy, he never freaked out. He just loved her much more. The ending made me sad and I think it was their last kiss in the hospital when Zack saved her that must have did something to his feelings. It totally sucked.

Morgan was an awesome best friend. I mean she never pushed Lucy for answers. Morgan was never abrasive either. She was caring. She was outspoken, but always in the right manner. She never thought Lucy was crazy either. She excepted the truth without pushing Lucy away.

Puck was awesome! I was glad there was another phantom in the story and he was super cool. Even though he couldn't speak he always there to help Lucy either in the Grey or real life. He was awesome!

Abraham was a reaper out to get Lucy and restore balance. He seemed like creepy, stalker man. I didn't like him at all. He was willing to hurt Morgan and Zack just to get to Lucy which I hated. I'm glad he got what he deserved.

Daphne is a strange one. I mean, I couldn't believe she was helping Lucy, but what the hell was she if not a reaper or phantom?

Overall, this was a pretty good read and the characters were cool too. I definitely want to read the sequel Deadgirl: Ghostlight.

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