Review: Spiral

Spiral Spiral by Zara Cox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Noah and Leia are absolutely phenomenal. I love their immediate connection to one another and the connection they have with one another. Reminds me of Zach and Beth, but on a deeper level. The things they both had to deal with in their past is haunting, especially Leia.

Leia is bold and brazen, but from her past she keeps her guard up and is unable to really allow herself to truly live her life. Noah is a man with a dark need of pain and sex and when his ex left him he closed himself off from the world. The two of them seem to fit perfectly. Leia is able to let loose and Noah is able to feel.

That damn ending was a doozy! I mean seriously, Warren needs to sit down somewhere thinking Leia is his. Leia's stepdad is seriously insane. This Ashley chicks has to be lying her butt off or something. I'm quite excited to see how things turn out in Soar for everyone. I'm loving the drama, secrets, lies and hot, steamy sex involved in this series.

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