Review: Soar

Soar Soar by Zara Cox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was absolutely fabulous!! I totally loved Noah and Leia's story. I can't believe how crazy this was! All the secrets revealed. All the drama that ensued. The happiness at the end was just beautiful!

Noah finally learned to love and be able to give his heart to someone that truly deserves it. Leia fought her demons, old and new. They both had hardships, but they got through them together. They were perfect for one another.

Warren is seriously a psychotic -- no words can express what I think of him. Stephen is a victim as well as a villain. Ashley seriously needed some help in the realm of men. Thinking she could trap Noah was just done on her part -- the whole getting pregnant and then getting an abortion ... I wanted Noah to rip her head off, but I'm so happy she landed in a place where orange would become her favorite color.

Overall, this was a beautiful story. I still wish Zach and Beth made appearances, but nonetheless I fully enjoyed this story.

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