Review: Knight & Day

Knight & Day Knight & Day by Kitty French
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say besides I love Lucien and Sophie. Their love for one another is absolutely amazing! I loved that Lucien changed his views on love and marriage. I was so happy for them because their story ended happily with two amazing news that made my heart sing.

Kara and Dylan were absolutely phenomenal! Kara was much more outspoken and out there compared to Sophie, but she was equally bruised from a past relationship. I loved how bold Kara was and how open she was with her sexuality. Absolutely amazing. I loved Dylan because he was equally outspoken, but also tried to keep it respectful. Despite Dylan's past I love how amazing he is. I love that he stood up to the plate when hit with some news and I love that he knew he didn't deserve Kara in the end, but said he would never stop loving her.

This was just filled with hot steamy sex and some amazing couples. I adored this trilogy and all the characters in it. Definitely plan to read more from Kitty French!

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