Review: Grave Mercy

Grave Mercy Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a beautiful historical fantasy read! I totally loved this book. I started this book back in February, but then stopped reading. I started the book over today and once I got past chapter six things flew by. This was action packed with tons of romance, deception, lies and secrets. Robin LaFevers has created such outstanding character that use their hard past and death as a means of beauty.

It took me a while to love Ismae because she seemed weak. I like that she had a little fight in her, but she seemed like a push over. It wasn't until I got past those chapters of her past and training at the covenant that I began to really like her wholly. As a handmaiden to death she is seriously kickass! She could handle her own in battle and not to mention she could withstand poison which is insane. Ismae was sweet and loving.

Duval was seriously awesome! At first I had my suspicions of him, but he truly was amazing! I loved his strength and his love for his sister Duchess Anne. It was absolutely profound. Despite everyone saying much about him negatively and even being one of the bastard sons of the Duke, he was brave, caring and stuck true to his heart and not just the saints. I honestly loved him so much beginning to end!

The romance between Ismae and Duval shocked me at first, but it was inevitable. I loved how they knew they had feelings for each other, but after that first kiss they tried to keep things at bay to stay professional for the sake of the Duchess. I truly loved them as friends and a couple. Perfection in the way Robin created them and grew their fondness to one another.

Chancellor Crunard was definitely the sneakiest person of all, but I KNEW it was him! He was just too giving for my liking and kept switching up his outlook on Duval too much. I give him the award for best snake ever!

The covenant has me very suspicious of how they only deal in the wrath of death. I really wonder what is to become of them and why the nuns are so focused on that. The way death was portrayed in this book was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was not just seen as something evil, but something of beauty and honor. Even death as a character himself was portrayed in a loving manner. Truly enjoyable!

I cannot wait to read the other two books to find out how things are for Sybella and Annith in the next two books. So much excitement and enjoyment so far in this companion trilogy.

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