Review: She

She She by Annabel Fanning
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

I love a good romance novel, especially when their is tons of steamy sex, funny characters, jealous ex-boyfriends and a place like Paris. Just amazing, well written novel. Annabel Fanning has written a beautiful story that made me blush, smile and laugh every turn of the page.

Gemima is a 27 year old interior designer who just found out her boyfriend cheated on her with her nemsis. I can't even begin to explain how much I love Gemima. She is strong, witty, blunt, funny, hot and downright full of fun. She may have had her heart broken, but she continues to push through life and keep working hard. Her love for interior design is amazing, but I'm excited that she is expanding into landscaping. Amazing!

Logan is a 34 year old construction worker. He owns several buildings through his business and has found and made such success for himself. He has secretly been in love with Gemima for 2 years and now that she is single he takes his cue and sweeps her off of her feet. I absolutely adored Logan because he is just perfection. He sweet, kind, loving, has a great ass (or so Gemima continues to mention in the book), protective and fun to be around. He doesn't hold back his feelings and I love that about him. He does get nervous, but after waiting two years for his dream to come true he lets it all out on the table.

Amber is a freaking crazy girl! I love her and how direct she is. She holds nothing back and has no shame in her game. Buddy is just as crazy as Amber. He keeps things funny for me. Jerry is a major douche -- I mean he cheated on Gemima, threw everything in her face, tried to get her back and then tried to best Logan which failed. Jerry got exactly what he deserved.

I'm excited for the second part, She: Part 2.

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