Review: Gates of Thread and Stone

Gates of Thread and Stone Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was absolutely beautiful! I loved the aspects of magic and the dystopian world and how it meshed extremely well. I love that the characters were different from your normal characters. The world-building was pretty good. This was filled with romance, secrets, betrayal and heartache. I enjoyed this book, I just wish there was more action to it.

Kai was an awesome character for me. I enjoyed her boldness and willingness to do everything possible to save her "brother" and I liked how she didn't allow her weirdness to hinder her. She worked hard, fought harder and knew what she wanted. She may have doubted herself at times, but she always made sure to keep her mind focused and her eye on the prize. I most definitely enjoyed her wittiness when it came time to fight someone, the way she talked to herself made me laugh so hard. I definitely loved her character. Finding out who she really was and why she had her powers just made her more kickass to me.

Reev was a pretty good "brother" to Kai. He was loving, caring and smart. He also was a hardworker. I enjoyed learning about him and what his job was before he found Kai. Avan was definitely the love interest in this book and I enjoyed it. The boldness he had and how he made sure to protect the one person he loved was so heroic and amazing. The fact that both Kai and Avan didn't confess their love for one another until the end was heartbreaking, but I enjoyed that they finally did get the chance to revel in it.

Ninu was an annoying old man to me. He and his "siblings" are beyond this world -- literally. Out of all the Infinite's I don't think I cared much for him, though he played his part well. I did, however, like how he died, he just wouldn't die without a last word! Famine aka Irra was amazing. He was emotionless because of what he represented, but I enjoyed his kindness. Death aka Kalla was badass! My second favorite character. I loved how she was able to manipulate herself into multiple people and move Kai along in her "journey". Strife aka Istar is just funny to me. Don't know much about her, but she was enjoyable while it lasted. I loved Mason he was freaking awesome!!! Kronos, what can I say about him, he really is a terrible father. Simply put. I am not looking forward to him returning back for his daughter.

The ending was pretty nice. It was way to happen ending for a trilogy, but I guess it setup pretty well for the sequel. I'm definitely interested to see how the sequel, The Infinite, plays along after this. Definitely an enjoyable read though.

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