Review: Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 1

Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 1 Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 1 by Shiloh Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy for review through NetGalley.

Even though this was short, I loved it! Shiloh Walker is slowly becoming a favorite author of mine. This was a light read and even though there wasn't a bunch of steamy sex scenes, it builds up for the upcoming serials which I'm excited for.

Ella is used to moving from state to state. Running from her past and dealing with her issues. Recently she realized that she didn't like being alone and wanted a man to help her feel some sort of intimacy. Her only problem is that she didn't like to be touched. She runs across a hot, sexy bartender who happens to be a prostitute and figures out a way to get her intimacy without love or long term relationships. She draws up a contract for 30 days of pleasure with Sean. Ella is very strong and even though she sees herself as quiet and meek she is anything but. I love that she is slowly breaking her shell.

Sean is a god! He's an undercover prostitute not looking for love. He enjoys women, sex and money and plans to continue on his path. I like that he was sweet with Ella, never rushing things along and allowing her to break loose of her past. He is simply amazing.

The first night for them was amazing without it being too much sex. I'm excited to see how things play out in the next two parts between them.

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