Review: Taming Lily by Monica Murphy

Taming Lily Taming Lily by Monica Murphy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

The third and final novel in the Fowler Sisters trilogy and I must say this was pretty darn good. It wasn't as full of drama as I had hoped for, but it kept me interested. Once again, Monica Murphy's writing is simply flawless. This follows the first born sister, Lily Fowler, as she's on the run from trouble.

Lily Fowler is on the run from Pilar. She has something that could end her, but she doesn't want to take it to her family. She does the only logical thing -- run away. She heads to Maui for a while and learns that it's okay to feel vulnerable and let a man take care of her. Lily puts on this charade of being bold, bad and brave, but this book dove deep into her true ways. Lily is scared and jealous of sisters. She wasn't jealous in the way that Pilar was, but she still wished she could have what they did. Lily was a complex character and I enjoyed seeing her open up and become her true self with no worries.

Max was a great guy for Lily. He was respectable, hardworking, made a somewhat honest living as PI and knew how to keep control in the bedroom. I loved how he felt bad from the start of his job. He was immediately attracted to Lily, but tried his hardest to not acknowledge his feelings. He did a good job at first of doing his work, but eventually love always wins.

The romance was pretty fast, but considering that Lily is the wild one it was expected. I love how they both tried to ignore their feelings for one another so much. Lily finally got her happy ever after and I couldn't be anymore happier for her.

Pilar is still conniving. I'm so glad she got canned -- I'm completely over her. I loved the appearances that Violet, Ryder, Rose and Caden made. They are all awesome as a family.

Overall this was a pretty good end to the trilogy. The Fowler sisters and their men are just amazing. Definitely have to read more from Monica Murphy.

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