Review: Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

Sweet Ruin Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole
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I received an ARC through NetGalley.

This is my first novel from Kresley Cole so I was a bit excited to read this as I have yet to read her praised YA paranormal series, The Arcana Chronicles. This was such an awesome, badass paranormal novel. I finished this book within 6hrs (not including sleep). The characters and the world was freaking awesome!

Josephine (aka Jo) was a girl who had her childhood taken in many ways. One day she was going to out steal so she could support her baby brother and self, but she was killed by a gang lord. She wakes up only to find that she is no longer human and was killed. In the events that happened over 14 years earlier, she has become a sort of "hero" for some prostitutes and women. Jo has always known she wasn't human, she knew she was a vampire, but she was a hybrid with outstanding powers. It wasn't until she met Rune that she really was able fully learn more about herself and other paranormal beings in the world.

I truly loved Jo because she was fierce and snarky. She knew what she wanted and she never allowed her body to do the thinking or talking for her. She stayed with her resolve when it came to certain things which proved she was stronger than the average paranormal being. Jo had a rough life with being separated from her baby brother, let alone killed at eleven, but she was such a beautiful person. Not to mention her vamp hybrid type -- badass!!!! I need more stories with her type of hybrid.

Rune is a hot, baddass immortal assassin and manwhore. I calls himself the secrets master because he uses sex as weapon to get what he wants. He is part fey and part demon which makes his blood poisonous -- baneblood. Rune was just as messed up as Jo, if not more, because his past was terrible. From his mother's death to his stepmother turning him into a whore and assassin, I can't even imagine a life like that. Rune started off as a coldhearted man, but love can do strange things to the heart and warm a persons soul.

The romance between Josephine and Rune was just everything and more. They were instantly attracted to one another. Jo loved that Rune was badass. Rune loved that Jo wasn't phazed by his usage of sex. The two of them were a pair to love. They balanced one another out, while constantly arguing and disagreeing. I love that Rune had never accepted that he could possibly be with any woman on a serious not because of his baneblood, but lo and behold Jo was immune. The fact that they were mated just made me love them so much more.

Nix is devious. I normally like Valkyrie, but she seriously just pissed me off. I don't her obsession with the Accession. I wish they would have killed her. Thaddeus was awesome. I loved that he and his sister Jo were reunited after 14 years of being separated. Learning that he was indeed like his sister was awesome and not to mention that fight. I'm just curious as to why Nix didn't tell him he was attacking his sister and what her motives are for using both Thaddeus and Jo in the first place.

This was such a great read that I may have to read more from this large 16 book series.

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