Review: Submissive Seductions

Submissive Seductions Submissive Seductions by Christine d'Abo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

This was a pretty laid back BDSM novel. It wasn't too aggressive, but the pain and pleasure were mixed pretty smoothly. Christine d'Abo has created a really nice story to get those who aren't into the heavy BDSM novels into the the idea of reading them. The characters were pretty cool too.

Liz is a typical woman that's curious about the world of BDSM. She has always known that she wanted more in the bedroom, but wasn't sure if she was a submissive. Well a chance encounter allowed her to explore by attending a charity a Dom for a night. I enjoyed Liz because she was a woman that knew she wanted more sexually and even if she liked kinky sex, she also wanted normal as well. She didn't want her two worlds to be separate, she wanted them to be one.

Gareth was married to an amazing woman and was introduced to BDSM through his wife. After losing her he cut himself off from women and the lifestyle. It wasn't until the charity auction that he saw that he could become the man he used to be. He just had his fears and guilt of thinking he wouldn't love his wife anymore. Gareth is a hot damn sexy man, but I hated how he felt guilty about loving another woman. I loved watching him understand that being alone is something his wife would have never wanted for him.

The romance was pretty damn cool. I loved that Liz and Gareth started off as Master and Sub -- the kink just bought the spark in their relationship. I liked when they both battled with the idea of normalcy in their relationship. Even though it took them forever to have sex, due to Gareth's own mental battles, they had such a cute bond. My favorite part (view spoiler) Liz and Gareth were simply cute together.

Connie and Steven were great friends for both Liz and Gareth. They guided them to one another, helped them realize they both had things to work out and supported their relationship. I loved Connie and Steven.

I definitely plan to check out both 30 Days and 30 Nights from her as I read the excerpts at the end and fell in love with them.

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