Book Review: A Demon's Promise by Kristie Cook

Promise Promise by Kristie Cook
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

I've never read a book by Kristie Cook, but I'm so glad I did! This was such a great take on angels vs demons. I loved that they are called Amadis and Daemoni. This was just jam packed with love, lust, action, betrayal and many secrets revealed. This blew my mind.

Alexis Ames was a strong character from beginning to end! She was pure kickass. She lives with her mother and travels from place to place. She didn't know much about her family and was always weird. She could hit harder than any guy since the age of 15 and healed on her own. She always felt off, until she met the strange and deadly sexy Tristan. Alexis was strong and smart. She may have had her doubts, but when she fought for what she wanted she made sure to fight with her every fiber. She was beautiful inside and out and always tried to find the good in people.

Tristan, the guy every lady wants, is not your typical college student. Nope, he is basically an immortal. He was designed to be the perfect warrior even down to his body and beautiful looks. He was created to destroy the Amadis for the Daemoni, but found the truth of his wrong doing. He has since worked for the Amadis for several years. I loved Tristan! He was mysterious when he needed to be, but he was mainly an open book. He had no problem declaring his love and sharing all of himself. Tristan was just the man.

The romance between Alexis and Tristan was pretty cute. They were created to be soulmates and their meeting each other was absolutely adorable. They both had such a strong for each other. I enjoyed seeing Alexis try and fight her feelings for Tristan, it was absolutely adorable. The fact that they waited until they were married to have sex was really beautiful. I couldn't believe how quickly she got pregnant though! The bond between the two of them has always been strong and now with them being soul tied I can't imagine a better love for them to have.

Sophia was great a mother to Alexis. She did what she had to protect her daughter and yet still lived by the code of her royal family. She was fun, caring, protective and just amazing -- especially when it came to Alexis wedding night, I couldn't stop laughing. Sophia is definitely a great mother. The grandmother, Stefan and Owen were all awesome assets to this story.

That ending has me dying to know if Tristan will ever return and why did she only have 1 baby?

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