Review: Possession

Possession Possession by Violetta Rand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

Once again, I am blown away by Violetta Rand. Her writing is beautiful and the characters are amazing. I enjoyed the first book in the series and the second book was just as good and different from the first two characters.

Tina Bethel, a defense attorney, has always been an awesome character ever since her appearance in the first book, Persuasion. Even though her job requires her to be somewhat uptight, she knows how to have a phenomenal time! She is bold and brave. She always made me laugh with how she kept trying to seduce Vincent. She really just wanted a few good lays with him, but love can never truly be avoided.

Vincent Ramos, the treasurer of Sons of Odin motorcycle club, was awesome in the first book! I'm glad I got a more in depth view of him and his life. I don't like his second ex-wife Laura. Vincent is such a loving man and didn't deserve anything she did to him including being kept from his sons. I love how much he held family, including his Brothers, so high in his eyes. He protected, cared and loved unconditionally and it was just admirable. I was happy to see his defenses fall apart and have him finally accept things with Tina. He already knew he would fall in love and trying to avoid it only caused him sexual frustration.

The romance was amazing. After almost a year of the cat-and-mouse games, they finally came together and had steamy, hot, raw sex. Man oh man, Vincent knew how to work his crown jewels. I loved his dominant side in the bed, I loved the way Tina was always desperate for things to go fast. They were just so cute together!!

This stalker guy, Kline, absolutely pissed me off! I couldn't believe it -- he was guilty of everything. His uncle, who is also Tina's boss, is an idiot. I cannot believe how he allowed his nephew to get away with criminal activities in regards to female. It was totally disgusting and I'm BEYOND happy that Tina did the right thing. Tina is a BOSS!

Once again, the Sons of Odin are freaking awesome! I absolutely love all the men because they value family and women more than other clubs do. Excited to read Property of J.T, the third book in the series!!! I hope Dog Tag gets his own story too.

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