Review: Perception by A.L. Waddington

Perception Perception by A.L. Waddington
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I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

This was a pretty good book. I enjoyed reading up on Jocelyn and Jackson. Their lives are so connected and intertwined that I simply adore their relationship. A.L. Waddington has created such a profound world -- or rather worlds -- in 2009 and 1878. She has taken two eras and meshed them so seamlessly that it flows easily and doesn't confuse me as a reader.

Jocelyn has grown so much since the first two books. She is bit more outspoken and stands up for herself against her mother, brother and those who don't understand her life. She begins to fully understand EVE a bit more and just embraces it. In both 2009 and 1878 she loves to learn and her education seems to be a priority for her. Not to mention, she is an awesome friend!

Jackson is still the perfect gentleman. I love him! He always knows how to speak to people. His love for Jocelyn in both 2009 and 1878 is something every girl dreams for. He is always by her side, he stands up for her, he always comforts her and makes her feel loved in many ways. I love Jackson!!!

I was happy about the surprise Jackson did for Jocelyn in Boston. He and his family are definitely amazing because they always try to make her comfortable and feel loved. Even learning about her uncle Nicholas. I'm excited that she has a better family to look to her love, support and laughter.

I can't believe that Sidney could possibly have inherited EVE too!! I need to know more. I still don't like Jocelyn's mother or Ethan they are major asses. Her friends shocked me too, except for Caitlyn. I hope things look up for her in the last book, Illumination.

PS all the book covers are freaking beautiful!!!!
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