Review: Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

Killing Sarai Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski
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Wow is all I can say. J.A Redmerski is a brilliant writer in every sense. I cannot believe how dark, yet riveting this story was. The characters were freaking phenomenal. The story-line was perfection. From page one to the end, I was engrossed in the story and always in awe by the things that happened. I love how there was always a plot twist without being so evident it was coming.

Sarai was given to a drug lord and became his to claim. She has been on the compound in Mexico for years and always wanted to go back home to AZ. She finally found her way, but she didn't expect it to be with a professional hitman. I absolutely loved Sarai in every aspect. This girl had some serious balls. She ran away from the compound, never backed down without a fight, was never scared of Victor and wanted to become a hitwoman. She was a bit emotionally unbalanced, but that's what made her character even more awesome because when you thought she would continue being snarky she would break down and allow herself to feel emotion. Sarai wasn't a born killer, but with everything that she grew up seeing, when the time arised she was able to kill. I loved her as Izabel too a bit more because as Izabel she didn't hold back. She let any and everyone have it and made sure she was confident. I absolutely, whole-heartedly love her!

Victor was a surprise for me at first. I thought I wouldn't like him and that he would turn out to be like Javier, but he definitely wasn't. When I think of him and the Order I think of Hitman -- specifically agent 47 with hair. I personally loved watching him battle with himself about whether or not to help Sarai. It was amazing to see how someone as coldhearted as him could unlock his emotions. I loved his bravado and how strong he was. He does the job and always tries to make it clean and quick. I absolutely couldn't get enough of him. I liked that he fell in love whether he ever admits or not. I loved what he did for Sarai in the end. Victor is just freaking perfect!

The romance was so sweet. I love how it built up for both Sarai and Victor. Neither of them expected to have a deep connection, but the more time they spent together trying not to die the closer they got. I love that even though they had many opportunities to do so, they didn't have sex on a constant basis. When they did, however, omg -- it was spectacular. I really hope they can reconnect somehow -- sometime within the series.

Javier is the devil. I mean seriously. His delusion about being in love with Sarai was insane. I can't believe all that he went through to try and get her back. I still don't get why she was so special from the other girls, but I'm glad he met his demise and by his love no less.

Niklas...where do I begin. I don't know if I like him or hate him. His love for and loyalty to his brother has never been a problem up until the end. I think he is jealous about Sarai getting close Victor. He allowed his professional and personal life mix. I get it -- as Victor's liaison for the Order he had every right to feel as he did concerning Sarai, but as Victor's brother he just took things to heart and went to far. I do have to say though -- he is definitely loyal to Victor to a T without a flaw.

I cannot wait to read Reviving Izabel to see what happens next for Sarai as she embarks on her "unfinished business" as Izabel. Excitement!!!

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