Review: Gina’s Education

Gina’s Education Gina’s Education by Maria Bailey
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Received a review copy through NetGalley.

At first I hesitated reading this book because of the reviews, but this was such a good story. I totally enjoyed the writing and characters. The whole BDSM scene and play was really intriguing as well. This was quite enjoyable.

Gina has lost everything (job, finance, money and home) after her identity has been stolen. Down on her luck she answers an ad about a housekeeping position, but the position seemed to be more than she thought. After learning that she would be able to have money, food and a place to stay she signed on to be a Submissive and learned to be a Mistress. At first, I didn't know how I would feel about her because she was so quick to sign away her body, but after reading more I learned to really enjoy her character. Gina is a beautiful woman that was put into a terrible situation. She was able to take her anger and hurt and use it to help others by being a Mistress. I loved when she ultimately became Rose because in changing her name she was able to really pull deep within from her strength and enjoy her life fully.

Robert was such as an amazing man. I thought I wouldn't like him because he did seem to come off more so like a pimp rather than a Master, but he was actually sweet and tender. I love that he fell in love with Gina while training her, but he didn't allow his love to really cloud his judgement or her training. I love how he took care of her from the first chapter to the end. Even though he was very quiet in what he did, his love for Gina was always seen in his actions.

Gina and Robert were absolutely perfect for one another. She found safety in him, he found love in her. The romance between them was absolutely amazing. The sex was off the chain (pun intended). I enjoyed the whole BDSM lifestyle with them and how he trained her to be his equal and partner. It was amazing to see that even though she was his equal, she also didn't mind being his Sub. Beautiful in my opinion.

Drew was freaking awesome. I loved how brotherly he and Gina were. He was full of wisdom and helped when he needed to. Drew was freaking married which BLEW MY MIND! The woman who stole Gina's identity pissed me off at first, but after learning so much about who she was I was shocked! I liked how this woman started off feisty, but then softened when things came to light.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. It was well written and paced and left off with a happy ending.

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