Review: Found in You

Found in You Found in You by Laurelin Paige
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Now this a sequel with some crazy twists! Laurelin Paige is brilliant with her writing. I was blown away by the turn of events that took place in this book. The dynamics of the characters were intensified and phenomenal.

Alayna has become a lot more invested in her relationship with Hudson. She isn't into her old ways, but she does still have moments of accusing him of things and feeling insecure. I like that she wasn't so rash with her opinions and thoughts. I love that she fought for Hudson when she had to. She handled things with Celia and Paul pretty darn well. I give her so much credit for being strong and I'm happy for her new promotion once again!

Hudson is still that hot, dominant man that I loved from the first book. However, he was much more vulnerable in this book. I enjoyed seeing him shocked and lost for words when Alayna said and did things. He had no qualms with giving her the reigns when she wanted it. He was opening up and learning to allow someone to really be inside his heart and mind. I love him.

The romance was still so steamy and hot, but it went beyond the sexual attraction which I loved. Don't get me wrong, their sex seemed to be hot damn and dirty! However, I enjoyed that they took time to really talk. They did have their secrets that almost damaged their relationship, but neither one was able to or willing to leave the other. Alayna has no problem loving and say she loves Hudson. Hudson has no problem showing he loves Alayna, but he has yet to say it. I think they have made so much progress with their relationship and I'm hoping they continue to grow as individuals and together.

David was so sweet. I'm so happy he confessed his love for Alayna, but still respected her relationship with Hudson. I even love that he wasn't upset about her taking his position in running the club. Sophia is a bitter woman, but this book made me feel so sad for her. I hope she can come around and let up on the alcohol. Celia is a witch! I knew something was up with her. She is delusional for thinking Hudson was going to leave Alayna. I cannot believe who the real father of her baby was -- mind blown! Brian is a pretty cool brother after all.

I am reading the third book Forever with You right now!

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