Review: Forever with You

Forever with You Forever with You by Laurelin Paige
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This was a phenomenal conclusion to the Fixed trilogy. Laurelin Paige has such a way with developing her characters and make you love and hate them at the same time. I enjoyed how even though it looked like it would end badly, it ended with happiness.

Alayna was such a strong person in this conclusion! I mean she was brave, loving, caring and didn't give into her obsessive compulsions. She was annoying at times with her whining and accusations, but I guess she had her right to be where Hudson was concerned. She was able to really experience all that love had to offer from the ups to the horrible downs. Alayna was never weak in mind, childish at moments, but she always spoke her mind. The way she actually fought to keep her relationship afloat and then walked away when it was needed was amazing.

Hudson...where can I begin. As hot and alpha male as he was, he disappointed me in this book. I couldn't believe all that was revealed about him and his relationship with Alayna and Celia. I wanted to jump through the book slap him silly. However, he did manage to somewhat warm Alayna at the very beginning, even though it doesn't excuse his action. I will say, I loved how he actually fought for her at the end. It was freaking adorable. He really proved his love and the fact that he FINALLY said I love you, was a big deal, but his gestures were much bigger. I love Hudson!

Celia is seriously crazy. I know she was technically played and then groomed by Hudson, but I think that was her idea of love between them. I can't believe all that she did, but I'm glad Alayna punched her in the nose! Ha! That was hilarious. Sophia as annoying as she was, I'm glad she went to rehab, but unfortunately according to Hudson, she was still a raging bitch lol. Jack, Mira and Chandler are awesome. David was wrong for trying what he did, but I still love him and felt bad for him. Gwen was a sweet surprise. I thought I wouldn't like her, but she turned out to be awesome. Norma turned out cool as well.

I totally believe that Hudson and Alayna were meant for each other, despite how they met through his stupidity.

I'm glad their is a fourth book called Hudson because I think it would give me some amazing insight on Hudson. Hopefully it picks up after that beautiful ending.

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