Review: Firewalker

Firewalker Firewalker by Josephine Angelini
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow is all I can say. Josephine Angelini never fells to keep gripped in her stories. This was a good follow up sequel to Trial by Fire. I'm still in love how great the world building is in this story and the dynamics of each character.

This picks up right after Lily has world-jumped back to her world with Rowan. She is found by her mother and must reveal the truth to her sister. Things seem to be okay, but then Lillian takes things too far and everything Lily thought she was safe from came barreling down. Lily also finds out why Lillian did what she had to.

Lily has become more bold with her power. She seeks to protect everyone from death and heartache, but in turn only hurts herself. I appreciated that she didn't completely cut off Lillian. She was able to learn a lot about Lillian. I love that Lily was determined to save Rowan's world without becoming evil like Lillian. Lily is extremely brave. I just think her downfall is trying to protect everyone.

Rowan was freaking awesome! He is badass and I loved him -- up until the end. He started off caring and loving. His love for Lily is so deep, but when he found out what was going on with the bombs and really got crazy with Lily I wanted to slap him. I'm glad Tristan (from Lily's world) beat him up.

Tristan, from Lily's world, is still awesome to me. I hated how he hurt Lily, but I love that he got himself together in the sequel. I love the love he has for her. He was brave, bold and willing to be there for her. I hated what happened to him towards the end. Why did it have to be him?!

Lillian is just a twisted girl. I'm glad her memories were shared because it showed me that she isn't all crazy. However, I still hate how manipulative she is. Like I can't believe she allowed Carrick to do that to James. I couldn't understand why she allowed things to just go to far. I'm in limbo right now as to whether I will like her or not at the end of this trilogy.

I enjoyed the other characters such as Una, Breakfast and Carrick. They all added great parts to the story. Now about these Woven, how the hell are they mindspeaking? Who gave them willstones?

The way this book ended just has me dying to know what happens next. Who wanted Lily and Rowan in Bower City? Who is this other witch? What is going to happen? I'm dying for the release of Witch's Pyre this fall.

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