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Every Last Breath Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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OH I have all the feels in the world right now! I FINALLY got around to reading the third and final book in The Dark Elements trilogy. This was freaking fantastic! The romance, the love, the hate, the drama and family issues -- just made such a phenomenal ending.

Layla has just found out that her friend Sam is dead and the Lilian has taken over his body. She also finds out that the Lilian is her brother and must kill him to save humanity. (view spoiler). What can I say about Layla? She was kickass in this book. I mean she was bold, brave, witty and caring. I loved her transformation that was taking place with her form -- she looked amazing. I loved that she finally chose a boy and stuck with her choice. I love how she stood up to the Alphas, Wardens and Demons. Layla was so damn strong and began to fully acknowledge her life and messed up family, but be who she wanted. Not to mention, (view spoiler) was freaking awesome!

Roth ... what can I say expect TEAM ROTH! No seriously, I feel in love all over again with him. He is downright badass and sexy! What I loved the most in this book? His vulnerability. I loved watching him cave into emotions he never knew he had. I loved the whole drunk scene that was just hilarious! I, of course, loved all his sarcasm and his confidence. He can always take a terrible situation and make it hilarious for a few good minutes. The pure love he had for Layla was absolutely beautiful. He was just perfection.

The heat between Layla and Roth was seriously undeniable. I mean the two of them have had a strong connection since they first met. They were just perfect together. Can I just say -- those two sexy-time die for. Can I please have a piece of Roth?! I'm sure my fiance wouldn't mind at all, lol.

Zayne will always be awesome to me. I love how he always manages to stay calm and collected. Now that he only has half a soul he becomes angrier quicker. When he found out what happened between Layla and the clan he showed so much love and care. What I didn't like was how rude he became after he and Layla had the talk about her choosing Roth. He really took it to far, but I guess I couldn't expect more given his situation. What happened to his dad really killed me! I cannot believe how it all ended for his dad, but I like that it bought Zayne and Layla together.

The familiars were all freaking hilarious. Bambi was freaking awesome. I hated that she had to leave, but I loved that scene with her in Hell. Now that girl is a talkative spitfire. Robin was pretty cool for Layla's first true familiar. As for the triplets -- or rather the kittens from Roth's body -- they were adorable. Thumper was a beast! All of these familiars are seriously badass!

Cayman is still a goof ball! I can't help but love him. He reminds me of Roth, but without the whole swagger to him. I love how he kept my laughing and no matter how silly his comments were, there was always some truth to the words he spoke. Not to mention that scene (view spoiler)! I totally love Cayman!

Grim was a pleasant character. Even when he got a little aggressive I enjoyed. I love how he kept it real with Layla and told her the truth about her family and the background of Lilith and the Wardens. The Lilian was freaking annoying. I hated him so much. There was just nothing to like and he got exactly what he deserved. However, he gets kudos for killing Elijah! That was an epic death! Lilith is very interesting. As much as I hated her, a part of me loved that she saved her and Layla's life at the end and also loved her acknowledgement of having loved Layla. Made her seem more like a person and not just an angry, scorned woman. The Boss was badass at the end! First off, I can't believe that the Boss is sexless as far as gender and can be whatever he chooses (male or female). I loved the way Layla stood up to her and loved the respect that the Boss had for her. Freaking awesome. My only grip is -- who the heck is Morris?! That ending confused me!!

I am so sad that this trilogy is over, but it just confirms that I seriously need to read ALL of Jennifer L. Armentrouts books because I have yet to be disappointed in her writing.

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