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Crystal Crystal by Cherrie Mack
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Received a review copy through NetGalley.

I enjoyed how light-hearted this story was. It wasn't too deep, dark or over the top. It was fun, sexy and a quick read which I enjoyed. The whole story is surrounded around an arrangement that Robert Salinger wants to make with Crystal after bumping into her outside of a coffee-shop. Unbeknownst to them, they work for the same company...but Robert is the CEO of the company she works for. The arrangement -- pretend to be a couple for 2 weeks and then break up. No strings attached, but of course feelings always get involved.

Crystal was a spitfire. At 25, she has never been in love and never fully allowed herself to indulge in her deepest desires and fantasies. I enjoyed watching her learn to love someone after she closed herself off from happy endings and the idea of love. Crystal was a hard worker, she didn't like the idea of people thinking she slept her way to the top. When she was offered a promotion she quickly turned it down for fear that people would talk about her relationship with the CEO. Even though she never held back her thoughts or concerns, she was always willing to help her family and friends.

Robert was a very quite and reserved man, with a little kink in his life. At 38, he shuts his world off from women and keeps to himself by submersing himself in his work. I felt like he had a lot of loose ends with his ex's. He allowed Ava to run him away from dating women younger than him and he allowed Cassandra to frighten him from marriage and love in general. I didn't like how he allowed Cassandra to walk all over him. I was happy when he got that closure and fully accepted that the arrangement between him and Crystal was actually more and gave it a real chance with her.

The romance was not insta-love in my opinion. These two characters were so different that they eventually found a balance. I think Robert knew things would change after their first sexual encounter and he was afraid to seek anything other the arrangement from fear of his last two ex's Ava and Cassandra. I'm glad that Crystal, after getting advice from her dad, kept pushing for more with Robert. They were absolutely adorable and the sex was just downright steamy!

I'm definitely going to read the next book, Georgie!

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