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Counsellor Counsellor by Celia Aaron
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I received a review copy through NetGalley.

Be forewarned. This is a dark, sadistic, twisted romance novel. This is not for the faint-hearted.

Can you say dark and brooding? Holy hell, this was seriously intense and fascinating to say the least. Celia Aaron is phenomenal in her writing. She had me gripped from beginning to end. I love the whole secret community of powerful people, the characters and just the development of the story as a whole.

Sinclair Vinemont is a counsellor aka the district attorney, the oldest of the Vinemont brothers and up for his chance to be the Sovereign in his community. Let me start off by saying he is hot as hell, but equally as screwed up. I had such a love hate relationship with him because even though he was developing feelings he always went back to be cold-hearted. I couldn't understand him. I loved when he allowed himself to be vulnerable, but when he went back to being evil I couldn't stand him. I get that he may be trying to avoid any pain from falling in love with or caring for his Acquisition, but his attempts make it worse.

Stella Rousseau is a smart, artistic young man. She would do anything to save her father from prison and so she did. A year to Sinclair to control her body, mind and soul. I was so excited to learn that she was a spitfire. She did not let Sinclair scare her easily and she tried hard not to show her fear. I loved how bold she was. She was brave at the ball. She never settled for just doing what she was told. She talked back, she fought, she did all she could to be heard. I enjoyed seeing her battle with her own feelings toward Sinclair. Like him, she tried to avoid the romance, but they are just meant for one another.

Lucius Vinemont, the middle brother, was a piece of work. I don't know if I like him or hate him. He really had me suspicious every time he was nice to Stella and even when he told her she could be his. I just felt off about his intentions. I did enjoy the sibling rivalry that he bought to the book, but I'm curious to know how things will workout for him in the sequel with Stella.

Teddy Vinemont, the youngest brother, was so freaking amazing. I enjoyed how naive and loving he was. He still had a good heart and wasn't tainted by his families lifestyle. Renee was such an asset to the story as she was previously, twenty years ago, an Acquisition. I loved her sweetness and caring attitude towards Stella. Dylan was strange. I can't believe that even though he ans Stella are step-siblings, they did the unthinkable. This just added to the twsited darkness of this story. Stella's dad...I don't know how to honestly feel about him. Is he a criminal? Did he really sell her off like? I can't deal, I just hope I get answers before he possibly dies.

That ending left me with my jaw hanging. I cannot believe it!!!!!!!! I am excited to read the next book,Magnate and to see what happens next for Stella and Sinclair. Will she go back and choose him? Will Rebecca appear in the sequel?

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