Review: Can't Shake You by Molly McLain

Can't Shake You Can't Shake You by Molly McLain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Molly McLain has written such an amazing love story between two people that started off as lovers, but than became friends who are fighting their feelings for each other. She created an amazing characters with such lovable personalities.

Carissa is a very bold and snarky yet conservative woman. She knows what she wants, but feels like she has to hide her feelings because she thinks that won't be accepted. She dealt with so much within her family and never really got a chance to feel the pain. With Josh, she was able to feel them. I loved her character.

Josh is a hot Marine that has started his own business and works hard. I loved him!! He was the guy that knew what he wanted, like Carissa, but felt like he didn't deserve her or what she wanted to give him. I loved how bold and blunt he was. I enjoyed watching him battle with his feelings for Carissa. Josh was definitely a loyal friend, but I think he could have been more selfish.

The romance between Carissa and Josh was simply beautiful. I loved that they met three years ago and had a one night stand. I loved that they both lived life like nothing happened, but had secret feelings for each other. I love that they tried to keep things between them neutral for the sake of Fletcher's feelings, but I loved even more how they finally acknowledge their true feelings. The sex was freaking hot as well!! Josh knew exactly how to please Carissa be it oral or penetration. He was the got damn man!!!!

Fletcher was an awesome guy. I enjoyed his character in being Carissa's ex and Josh's best-friend. I couldn't stand how acted to things between Josh and Carissa...he definitely acted like a little kid, but he was still awesome.

Alex was the villain in this story for me. I couldn't understand his hatred for Josh when all he did was scam people. He didn't deserve to be praised the way Josh was. Alex was a douche, I couldn't believe how far he took things towards Josh, let alone towards Carissa. I just didn't like him whatsoever.

This was a pretty great book. I definitely will read more from the River Bend companion trilogy, especially Tony's story in the second book, Can't Get Enough.

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