Review: By the Enchantment of Moonlight

By the Enchantment of Moonlight By the Enchantment of Moonlight by Serena Gilley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received a review copy through NetGalley.

This was such a pretty fast and intriguing read. I don't get a chance to read many fairy books oddly even though I enjoy them as supernatural beings. This was a great insight into the Fairy world and their romances. This book was full of so many supernatural beings from succubi to fairies to mermaids and even dragons. I'm hooked!

I enjoyed Pimma and Swift. They both were so focused on doing the job and abiding by the fairy rules. They were both headstrong and worked hard. I liked that whatever is now allowing fairies to feel carnal desires took over them. Even after they shared a passionate "dance" they agreed to not allow it to hinder their work nor hide their true feelings from one another.

I don't get why the fairies are not allowed to indulge in passion, lust and sex. I'm curious to know who created that rule and why they feel they can't. Clearly, other characters have been indulging in it and not been harmed or killed.

Kyne and Raea seem like an awesome pair of fairies and as a couple. I'm excited to read By the Magic of Starlight. Blake, Amarie, Devin and Aliya were awesome as well. I'm ready to see how it all plays outs for them in the end.

Miranda was a devious character. I liked that she wasn't a fairy, but rather a succubus. She was very intense and dowright played dirty. This device she created along with humans seems to be strange because even though it ignites passions it can stop working through passion as well. Craziness!

Dorn and Wain are very fishy. I knew something was up with Wain from the minute he kept wanting to go check up with "human contact." As far as Dorn, I'm not sure whether I trust him or not. I don't know if I trust the fairy council in general.

Even though this was a novella, it was quick and full of such amazing characters, details and action. I'm excited to actually read the books and see what happens next.

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