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Braving Fate (The Mythean Arcana #1)Braving Fate by Linsey Hall
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Received a review copy through NetGalley.

Braving Fate is a spectacular urban fantasy novel I loved the idea of multiple Heavens and Hells. The variety of paranormal beings within the story. The action was definitely there. I enjoyed the romance and I definitely loved the idea of reincarnation with historic figures.

Diana is the main character who is reincarnated as Boudica, the warrior queen of the Celtics, after two thousand years. Diana previous to the reincarnation is a soon-to-be professor. She is very conservative and bookish. She is focused on her career. However, as she starts to really have more and more of these nightmares, which are really memories of her life as Boudica, she becomes more bolder and lively. I loved watching her became not just Diana or just Boudica, but a whole new person. She embraced her past life and blended it seamlessly with her new life. She didn't allow her past to fully control her present. I loved how she even embraced her sexuality as well.

Cadan is a Mythean Guardian, an immortal who protects mortals. He watched the love of his life, Boudica, kill herself over two thousand years ago and has been living in his own personal hell. When he is tasked with watching over Diana and learns that she is his love reincarnated he begins to war with himself. I loved watching him hold back his feelings for Boudica while becoming wrapped in Diana. I loved that he could see the difference between both women even though they were one in the same. Cadan is strong, sexy, smart and loving. He is all about protecting the one he loves and even though he screwed up two thousand years ago, he was given a second chance to make things right.

The romance was superb! I loved that Cadan was still in love with Boudica after two thousand years and that when he saw Diana he couldn't control himself at first. I love how they both had an attraction and tried to stay cool about it. Even though it was insta-love it only made sense because Diana was Boudica reincarnated. The love was there and it wasn't hard to distinguish Diana from Boudica. Those sex scenes -- by golly! That was some hot, rough sex for a mortal and an immortal. I loved it!

Paullinus, even though the enemy, was a very smart guy. At first I hated him, but after learning why he wanted Boudica's soul I began to like him. He wanted to sacrifice her, but I loved that he allowed himself to make the ultimate sacrifice for his son. Perfection.

The ending was absolutely awesome. I loved it! Linsey Hall is simply brilliant with her writing. Even though the dialect was Scottish I found it very enjoyable to read. Excited to read the next story about Warren and Esha in Soulceress.

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