Speed Review: Stirred by Nancy S. Thompson

Stirred Stirred by Nancy S. Thompson
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I received a copy for review for a blog tour.

Oh My Word!

This was insanely and unbelievably incredible! The character dynamics, secrets, lies and drama in this novel was pure perfection. I have never read something that has twisted my mind in so many ways and shocked me to the complete end. Nancy S. Thompson has written a profound novel with extraordinary characters to the brim.

The story follows Eden MacLaird twenty years after the death of her baby girl Ivy. She lost Ivy and the love of her life, Jacob and was "forced" to marry Declan. Twenty years later, she still mourns the lost of her daughter, finds her husband sleeping with her best friend and can't find a way out. Eden is a teacher and an author. I enjoyed her character because as an erotic author she was completely inexperienced and in a loveless marriage. Eden was strong, yet weak. She determined yet naive. She was a literal walking contradiction. Most characters like her would have annoyed me, but it was just something so profound about her that I loved.

Sean Bennett is your average law student looking to have fun and bone a few women. Unexpectedly he meets Eden at his job, has his way with her sexually and then falls in love with her. Sean was a sexy, strong young man. I love how bold he was and how he continued to push the limits between himself and Eden. He was caring, loving, kind and determined in all ways.

The romance between the two of them bothered me at first simply because Eden was married, but the heat between them couldn't be denied. They fell for one another after that first kiss and even though they tried to ignore it and then take things slowly, they couldn't break away. What I love is that with all the drama of a murder case and being suspects that worked together to uncover the truth and still loved each other even harder.

Declan was a bastard from the Prologue to the end I just can't believe all that he did to Eden when it came to Ivy and Jacob. He was a bastard and deserved what he got. Especially since he cheated as well. Trinitee is crazy. I cannot believe who she really was, the truth of what Declan did and all the things she did in the name of revenge. I know understand her anger and hatred towards Sean when he got angry at her over Eden, but she is seriously crazy.

Overall, this was such a profound novel and I definitely plan to read more from Nancy Thompson.

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  1. Oh yay, yay, YAY! You've made me so very happy! Thank you so very much! And I'm absolutely thrilled you enjoyed Stirred. Thanks for taking the time to read it and for sharing your thoughtful review! Okay, I'm gonna go happy-dance now!

    1. Sorry, I don't know why my profile doesn't show up in my comment above, but this is Nancy S. Thompson, the author of Stirred. Thanks again!

    2. I absolutely loved it !!! It was by far one of my favs for this year. I'll definitely be reading more of your books!


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