Speed Review: More by Lea Griffith

More More by Lea Griffith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an ARC copy through NetGalley

This was such a different and phenomenal read. A BDSM erotic romance that centers around dominance and submission. The characters were amazing and the drama was intense. I love the mafia aspect to this as well. Loved this book.

Ruthie is a strong woman. She is blind famous painter. Three years ago she wanted Tobias to be her dominant, she learned all that she could about the lifestyle because she wanted him to have everything he needed. She submitted to him and after a night of pleasure he felt guilty and pushed her away. She moved to Vegas and painted, but finally gave up and went back to claim her man. Ruthie is bold, determined and doesn't let her disability give her a disadvantage. I loved how she could sense the change in emotions and when someone was around. I love how hard she went to get Tobias to fully open up and love her.

Tobias is a dominant in every sense, but his love for Ruthie blocked him from being his "true" self sexually with her. The first night as his submission made him want more which scared him and made him push her away three years ago. Now that she's back in town and ready to claim him, he isn't prepared for this battle in himself. Tobias is strong, stubborn and right down hot. I loved how he was willing and ready to protect and love Ruthie.

Jeremiah is a great brother. Candace and Daly are awesome friends. Dante was a weird one, but I loved what he and Sol were doing for the women. They have been Mafia, but they had good hearts. Savannah is a firecracker, but I enjoyed her character within the BDSM world and as a detective.

Vessi Gallo was the damn devil. His obsession with trying to kill Tobias and getting to Ruthie was insane. He was bat shit crazy! He is the epitome of what a mafia man is to me. Downright scary and deranged.

I enjoyed this and definitely may read the rest of the series.

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