Speed Review: Intimate by Kate Douglas

Intimate Intimate by Kate Douglas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy through NetGalley

Words can't express how phenomenal this book was. I am stunned at the character development throughout this book. Kate Douglas is amazing.

This story follows two seemingly different characters who met by chance and run into a job together and fall madly in love. Kaz is a model for a great agency until she is fired over her piercings and tattoo. As she leaves her agency she runs into Jake, a photographer, who has been seeking a female model that was sexy and edgy. He finds her and things pick up quickly for them.

Kaz was an awesome female character. I loved how she always had an edge to her that balanced out her shyness. She was bold and direct and knew what she wanted out of life. She took her downfalls and turned them into great success for herself. Kaz was definitely phenomenal.

Jake was downright sexy! Learning about his past and how he turned his life around was amazing. Learning that he was innocent in everything tore me to pieces. I am so happy Jake got everything he wanted out of life so far and will continue to do so. I loved Jake!

The drama that ensued with that man was truly insane. I couldn't believe how hard he tried to destroy Jake's life by getting to Kaz. I was so happy when Jake saved her. I felt so bad for Kaz though. Nonetheless, the romance and love between Kaz and Jake -- even though insta-love -- took it's time to stew between the two and made for a great romance.

Lola and Mandy were awesome roommates! Ben was annoying at first, especially after finding out the truth about Jake and what happened, but I love that he eventually came around and told the truth. He is still a great brother in my eyes despite it taking him so long to come clean. Jake and Ben's parents seriously suck to the highest degree ever. They are selfish and only think about fame and fortune. I am so happy that Ben and Jake can move forward from their parents.

Truly loved the romance, the sex, the drama and suspense within this story. Definitely plan to read more by Kate Douglas for sure.

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