Speed Review: For His Pleasure by Suzanne Rock

For His Pleasure For His Pleasure by Suzanne Rock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC copy through NetGalley.

The companion sequel to At His Service: Parts 1-4 and it follows Arianna Perconti and Jason Stone. Two unlikely people who come together in times of struggle. I enjoyed this book because it was a good insight on who Jason Stone was as well as Arianna since she didn't have much exposure in the first book.

Arianna Perconti ran away from her family on her wedding day leaving Landon at the alter and a bunch of rumors to be spread. Arianna is the youngest of Perconti family with three older brothers and two younger twin siblings, but everyone seems to not listen to her wants and needs. Granted, she may have her moments of seeming childish, but I liked how she tried to stand up to her brothers even if it failed tremendously.

Jason Stone is really not what I expected him to be. I got a chance to see how he grew up and the hardships he endured. I don't like how he became a con artist, but applaud his growth. He's an adventurous, daredevil and I loved it. I love that in his own way he tried to hash things with Karin in the end and apologize.

Leo, Dante and Marco are phenomenal older brothers for Arianna. They love and want to protect her from any harm that can happen. They can be overbearing, especially Leo, but they mean well and love her dearly. Deacon, on the otherhand, is a horrible brother for Jason. I can't believe all that he has done to Jason to try and destroy him. He is just downright ruthless and heartless. Felicia Killington is just a deranged, delusional woman that needs to get her life together and asap. Landon's secret is crazy!!! I guess that's why he was okay with the marriage not going through.

Overall, it was a pretty good novel. Hope to read a third one soon because that ending left me hanging.

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