Speed Review: Fantasized by You by Steph Nuss

Fantasized by You Fantasized by You by Steph Nuss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy through NetGalley.

This was a pretty interesting read. I enjoyed Harper and Maverick. They worked well as a team and individually. Even though there was insta-love in the craziest way, the timing and slow pace made it enjoyable to read. Steph Nuss wrote an incredible novel that is gripping, full of love, romance, betrayal and hate.

Harper Jennings is a fashion designer with a strong mind and amazing heart. She is determined to live a healthy life and she began mentoring others as well. I love how bold Harper is, despite the lack of her sexual experience she continues to ooze a bold, sexiness about herself. She doesn't hold back secrets or bite her tongue. Maverick Jones is a personal trainer and head of his own clinic. He seeks to help people out as much as he can. He is built, loving, caring and emotional. I love how straight forward he was throughout the book, never holding back his feelings or thoughts.

Camille is a mutual friend between both Harper and Maverick who died from bulimia. Harper vowed to go to rehab so she didn't end up like her and Maverick vowed to dislike the fashion world. I love how this pulled them together and gave them an interesting start. Maverick was definitely judgmental, but I love how he opened up and got to know Harper without judgement. Let's not forget to mention the sex between them was insane!

Elly & Carter were just so damn cute! I need to read the first book, Wanted by You, which is about their love story. I enjoyed reading about their wedding planning and everything else.

Maxton is a damn fool. All those years he loved Harper, but he waits until she is in a relationship to make a move which than results in drama and harm towards Harper. I'm glad he did apologize though to Harper and Maverick. Diana is a deranged psycho. I'm glad she got arrested. She is twisted in thinking that she and Maxton would ever be together.

I loved the ending, but now I want to know the baby's name!!!

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