Speed Review: Body by Audrey Carlan

Body Body by Audrey Carlan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a review copy via NetGalley.

This book was freaking phenomenal in every aspect. From the smoking hot sex, to the deranged ex boyfriend to the possessive and alluring rich billionaire and the relationships -- simply amazing. Audrey Carlan is just unbelievably amazing in the story she wrote.

Gillian is a strong woman. She has dealt with a lot in her past in regards to men. She is strong for all that she endured in her past with Justin. Despite how broken she could've been, she took that and did good by working with Safe Haven. I loved her wit, sass and her determination to stay strong and positive. Even when faced with danger she stayed strong. She is amazing!

Chase is the kind of man every woman truly desires to have. He is sexy, hardworking, caring, knows what he wants and is a billionaire. At first I wasn't sure of what to make of him, but as the story progressed I loved his character. He was strong in his feelings for Gillian since they first met and he kept his promise to always protect her. I love how he even opened up to her after some time. He is simply perfection.

The romance between the two of them was a bit insta-love, but it was so tasteful and realistic. I loved how they grew emotionally with one another and not to mention the back breaking sex they had was just amazing. The two of them were a perfect fit. From opposite sides, yet they had so much in common.

The Girls aka BESOS were freaking awesome! I love them all. I enjoyed Phillip, Tom and Conner. This unknown person that is seeking to hurt Gillian is freaking me out and after reading the excerpt at the end I'm convinced that it's Justin and he is freaking bat shit crazy.

I'm dying to read on with Mind and see what happens next!!!

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