Book Review | Inconceivable! by Tegan Wren

Inconceivable!Inconceivable! by Tegan Wren
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I received a copy for review from the publishing company.

Oh wow, this was such a beautiful novel. I cannot express how heartwarming and teary eyed this was. It was definitely a deep New Adult Contemporary Chick Lit that will make you love this brave and wondrous couple. Tegan Wren is a phenomenal writer for creating such a different and beautiful story on love and difficulties.

Hatty is an American who moved to Europe to further her career as a journalist/reporter. She is very bold and has no filter, but she also is shy and insecure at times. I enjoyed how open she was about things and how she was true to herself. Never allowing people or things to stop her from saying what she felt and doing what she wanted. I loved Hatty!

John is a the Prince who wants to live a normal life, but has to be someone else because of his status. He is caring, loving and yet hard with certain things. He knows what he wants and seeks to get it if and when he can. I loved how macho he tried to act, but also how vulnerable he was at certain parts of the story. He was different from the normal idea of Prince which would come off snotty and like a "womanizer" in a sense. He was respectable, kind and all around a gentleman.

The romance between Hatty and John was absolutely perfect. It was sweet, slow and blossomed into such a dream. I loved how easy they could be themselves around each other. I loved that they waited to have sex because John was a virgin to respect his families line of succession. I love they stood for each other against people. The arguments they had truly showed how much they loved each other. During the year of marriage they went through so much and instead of turning on each other and ending things like most people would have or like the Royals wanted -- they fought for what they believed in. They worked through the problems of not being able to conceive a child and through IUI and IVF they fell even more in love with each other. You couldn't find a more perfectly imperfect love.

The Royals were a pain in my ass as far as the King and Queen goes. They were the true definition of a royal -- snotty, snobby and downright rude as heck. I couldn't stand how the Queen treated Hatty because she couldn't get pregnant and I hated finding out what King Leo did to his wife was despicable. He has no heart and I'm glad John hit him!

The ending in the last few chapters to the epilogue just my heart swell with joy. I couldn't believe how amazing John could be. He gave up the most "important" thing to be with his wife and even agreed to adoption. The love he had for was her out this world. John and Hatty, though from different worlds and dealing with fertility issues, managed to make their marriage work for them and not allow the laws of being a royal dictate there lives. They definitely seemed so much happier in the end and I loved it.

I definitely loved this book! It was such a beauty and I highly recommend it!

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