Speed Review: The Young Elites by Marie Lu

The Young Elites The Young Elites by Marie Lu
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This was freaking fantastic in every way possible. This book did not disappoint and did a fabulous job setting up for the sequel! Marie Lu did a fabulous job when she created these characters. The world development is outstanding. This was definitely action packed and fast paced, but had so much detail and information that it lacked nothing. I did however wish there was more Enzo and Adelina time in this!

Adelina is not your typical damsel in distress character. She is a girl raised out of hatred which has harden her heart. She is a malfetto, marked from the fever that plagued their world. She and others like her are marked and obtained special powers. Some have small powers and others like her have life changing powers. Her power is the power of illusion. She runs on fear and fury, but is also fired up by passion. She has a darkness in her that is finally ready to set loose upon the world. She doesn't know how to control it. All her life she was treated wrong, left alone and told she was worthless...the darkness brewed and now seems to overpower her in times of danger. Adelina is a strong character. I loved learning about her past, her struggle and her fight within herself. She is fighting to remain sane and keep her heart pure and good, but the darkness within her seems to rip free. She cannot love because love seems to make her more dangerous -- it fuels her darkness which is terrifying. She went throughout a lot and still managed to find some sense of happiness at the end. Her control with illusions is profound and she learns fast. I wonder if she has more powers.

Enzo is a hot damn sexy -- literally. He can control heat in every sense. He is also the crown prince who was rejected by his own family. He seeks to regain his birthright and has joined with others like him called the Young Elites. He is the leader of the Dagger Society sect within the Young Elites. He is strong, caring and yet emotional. He sometimes allows his emotions to stay at bay and comes off cold. Especially during his training with Adelina, I thought he was cruel. When he lets his guard down he is sweet, kind and just the all around perfect guy. I hated how everything ended for him. He truly gave up a lot and in return got nothing and it sucks.

Teren is a douche-bag malfetto himself. He is working for the Queen to rid the world of those like him. He considers himself the angel of the malfetto and makes it his duty to kill them off. He has no heart, but I don't blame him at all. He has been brainwashed and I hope he comes to his senses or dies in the process.

The Queen aka Enzo sister is one ruthless bitch! She killed her own husband, tried to kill her brother and has now recruited Teren to be her "helper" -- what kind of queen is she truly? How can she feel its her birthright when she knows damn well being ruler is meant for the king or prince. SMH.

Raffaele is just so damn sweet and innocent. I don't like this his power makes me helpless. I wish he could do more then just tug on emotions and energy of people. Despite how things ended with him and Adelina, I still very much like him.

Violetta was a shocker to me. This whole time I thought she was sweet and innocent when in reality she was a damn Young Elite. She wasn't marked, but her powers make it seem impossible since she can take away the powers of others. I can't wait to see what she and her sister have cooked up.

The Daggers are a pretty rough crew. They went from being 6 deep to 7, but then ended up losing 2 members and kicking one to the curb. I don't like that they fear Adelina. They know fear drives her power so they are stupid to fear her. The fact that they let her live at the end, courtesy of Raffaele, and she told him that it was a mistake and he should have basically killed her is shocking. I wonder what's in store for the Daggers next.

I am too stocked for the sequel! Will Maeve run across Adelina? Will they bring Enzo back? Will Adelina be reunited with the Daggers? Will she hone her skills?

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