Speed Review: Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle

Where Sea Meets Sky Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle
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*I received an ARC copy for review through NetGalley*

I cannot tell you amazing this book. I started off unsure but towards the last 20% of this book I was in complete awe of how beautiful this was. Karina Halle is very poetic in her writing. From page one I was hooked into her writing style because it flows in such way that feels like the flow of a river. Her characters were outstanding and well developed, very believable and relate-able.

Josh was a loveable guy. He wasn't your typical arogant male which I loved. He was more humble and easy going. He was open about a lot of things without diving into full details of them. He was funny, sweet, kind and downright amazing.

Gemma was a sweet, shy girl with a naughty side and a past that keeps her afraid of loving and caring for anyone. She has gone through a traumatic experience in which she lost her father and her love of art. She was always prepared for nothing and wouldn't allow love to find its way to her. She was a strong character in an interesting way.

Their relationship was definitely "unconventional" in a sense that they met at a Halloween party and connected on a mental, emotional and physical level after a one night stand. I love how Gemma was the one pulling away from Josh and he had to knock down all her walls. I love the fact that they fought for each other. I mean I hated that Gemma dated that jerk Nick and even more so hated that she kept pushing Josh away, but I love that she went after him and made things right. It was a bit of insta-love, but it took the whole book for the two of them to come to turns with how they truly feel and express it to one another. Not to mention the sex scenes were pretty cool. They weren't too raunchy, but they weren't simple either. It left room for imagination.

This was my first Karina Halle read and will definitely NOT be my last. I have a working list of her books to get through.

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