Speed Review: The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter

The Queen of Zombie Hearts The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter
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Just wow! So much death, betrayal, love and action. Ali and Cole are amazing. The secrets that were revealed in this was mind blowing.


Ali and Cole are finally back on ease in their relationship. Things seem to be going smooth as far as zombie fighting goes, but little do they know that their world is going to be torn apart.

Ali finds out she has more powers than imaginable and that her life wasn't really an honest one. She finds out that Miranda wasn't her real mother, but her stepmother. Her real mother is an ex-slayer/ Anima employee who also happens to the be the same person that killed Cole's mother. Ali is really seventeen going on eighteen instead of sixteen and she has the same ability as her mother: control zombies, steal abilities and cover a person's mind. She can also share her abilities when she heals a slayer with fire AND can cure the zombies. This seriously blew for a whirlwind because she has gone through so much tradgey in her life, losing so many people to find out the truth about herself and the Anima. All the drama was over finding her. I did love that her mother, Helen, also but her prints into the Anima system which allows her to get in and out and do things like a normal Anima worker can. Ali is a tough cookie. She is always sacrificing herself for the greater good and doing everything she can to protect those she love.

Cole was very sweet throughout this book. He only acted like a dick once when he found out that Ali was speaking with Helen's spirit. I totally loved his romantic side...it was so lovable. I enjoyed watching him learn to trust Ali and not to try to fight her. He is an awesome leader, friend and boyfriend.

Helen is an interesting character. I think she is truly trying to make up for the lost times and in someway repay back the wrong she did. I didn't trust her at first, but she definitely was helping and showing Ali new things about herself. Awesome!

Kat is such a sweet soul. I didn't like the way she died at all. I cried reading because she didn't deserve that kind of death. What the Anima did to her trapping her body and spirit and forcing her to bite Ali was just ruthless. I did like that she became a witness none-the-less. Even at her own funeral she acted like her normal self. I can't wait to see more of her with Emma and Helen in the next book.

The Slayers that died killed me to pieces: I loved Collin, Trina, Lucas and the Doc. I can't believe their gone. River and his crew are pretty damn awesome!

Camilla and Juliana are seriously so jealous, ignorant, backstabbing chicks. I cannot believe what they did to Ali. Tried to give her up to the Anima because of how they felt about her. It's unbelievable how they betrayed their own family and friends. I hated them and even though Juliana is fourteen, I still dislike her more than I dislike her sister.

Ethan is just as much of jackass as his dad. I cannot believe he really helped the Anima after everything that went down in Through the Zombie Glass. Like seriously, I don't like him and he needs to die. He is coldhearted and twisted. I don't fully blame him because his father started this craziness, but he needs to man up and act right.

Rebbeca and the Anima are just ruthless as heck! I cannot believe they honestly believe they are helping mankind. I don't get it -- they're killing innocent people to get to Ali to use her to cure their own people. So unforgivable. I wish they would have killed Rebbeca, but considering what she did to Ali I understood why they couldn't. They are twisted and they just need to die!

I am so stoked that this is NOT over because I definitely felt like I needed more even though the ending was pretty awesome. I am dying to get my hand on A Mad Zombie Party. Gena Showalter is brilliant!

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  1. I can' t believe there is another book coming out in this series. I'm still in shock but in a happy way of course. I loved every bit of this series and OMG THAT CHARACTER DEATH... WTHHH!! I'm so sad bec of that but oh well at least she didn't kill Ali. Great review :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. YESSS I totally agree. The ending left me satisfy, but knowing that book 4 is coming out AND Anima returns -- I'm expecting some serious action, killing and new abilities to arise. I'm also excited to see more of Kat as a Witness.

      And she cannot kill of Ali or Cole -- they make the book. It sucks the others died, but it all ended up being perfection lol.


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