Speed Review: Lost and Found by Nicole Williams

Lost and Found Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, this was such a beautiful story. Rowen is a strong young lady. Jesse was just too hot. The drama that went down was intense.

Rowen is a troubled young lady that grew up abandoned by her mother. Her mother never believed anything she did or said and in turn Rowen started to act out from the age of 13. She started to believe she was undeserving of happiness and began to be a gloomy person. She had to spend her summer at Willow Spring Ranch working as a way of proving herself to her mother if she wanted to attend her dream art school. While there she learns about herself, about her mother and beings to understand that nothing can make her happy other than truly loving herself. Rowen was able to love who she was and finally understand that her mother would always be the evil lady she was.

Jesse is a hot cowboy with a past of his own. Seeming like one of Rose's own, he was adopted by them. He grew up in an abusive family and instead of it defining him as a person, he let love open him up to better things. I like how direct he was with Rowen from the beginning. I love that he was a virgin, I mean for a hot guy with girls swarming him all the time and never having had vaginal intercourse he knew exactly how to work it. Jesse is just an amazing guy.

The relationship between Rowen and Jesse was honestly phenomenal. They balanced each other and made the other a better person in every way. They truly redefined love for themselves and got to learn and grow together.

My Favorite Scene:
"Damn, Jesse," I breathed, maneuvering my hands down where I needed them.
"I need you to slow down and suit up or else I'm going to come before you even get a chance to lose your virginity."
He was breathing so hard he was almost panting and his face was flushed. "Am I doing something wrong?"
"No," I said instantly. "You're doing something very, very right."
That smug smile reappeared, and his flexed against mine again. Even if I'd wanted to, I couldn't hold in the sounds that slipped from my mouth.
He said, "I've only waited twenty years for this moment. I've been playing this whole thing out in my head for a while, so it's good to know it's working in real life."
"It's working," I emphasized, right as my hand wrapped around him.

Rowen's mother was a pure bitch. Not believing your own child when she comes crying about her boyfriend trying to rape her was insane. Her mother is truly messed up. Rose, on the other hand, is an amazing mother and role model. I love her and her entire family. I didn't like Garth, but towards the end he became a better young man and I enjoyed him.

I'm definitely going to continue on with this series because I need to know what's in store for Jesse and Rowen next.

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