Book Review | The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

Title: The Darkest Whisper

Author: Gena Showalter

Series: Lords of the Underworld #4

Age: Adult

Genres: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: September 1st, 2009

Publisher: Harlequin Books

Source: e-Book

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He is the keeper of Doubt and his entire world’s about to be rocked.

Bound by the demon of Doubt, Sabin unintentionally destroys even the most confident of lovers. So the immortal warrior spends his time on the battlefield instead of the bedroom, victory his only concern…until he meets Gwendolyn the Timid. One taste of the beautiful redhead, and he craves more.

Gwen, an immortal herself, always thought she’d fall for a kind human who wouldn’t rouse her darker side. But when Sabin frees her from prison, battling their enemies for the claim to Pandora’s box turns out to be nothing compared to the battle Sabin and Gwen will wage against love.

My Rating: 

Quotes I Like

"He's never ripped a man's throat out with his teeth, and he was damned impressed that Gwen had. She'd made the Lords of the Underworld look like marshmallows."

"Now Paris was still forced to be a new woman every day, and if he couldn't find a woman, he had to find a man, even though he'd never been  attracted to his own sex. A fuck was a fuck to the demon of Promiscuity. A fact that had long since plunged him down a spiral of shame."

"Cronus was going to give her back to me, but I picked you instead. Knew you hated the bloodlust. Knew Reyes would die without the blonde. So I gave her up. Never going to see her again." - Paris

My Thoughts

Totally in love with Sabin and Gwen. Their romance was very interesting.

Sabin is a Lord of the Underworld, the keeper of the Demon doubt and hot as hell! He is sexy in every way from his physical to his mental. He is on the hunt to kill every Hunter because they slayed his friend Baden, keeper of Distrust. He and the Lords ambush the Hunter's in Egypt, but come across women that have been raped for a secret children's army. Sabin wants nothing more than the downfall of the Hunter's and to kill Galen, keeper of Hope and traitor to all the Lords. In the midst of the attack in Egypt he catches an attraction to a "strawberry blonde" woman and soon finds that he cannot deny his feelings or that of his demon's.

Gwendolyn is a Harpy-angel "hybrid" that was captured by the Hunters to try and impregnate her. She is part angel and apart of the Skyhawk tribe. She easily loses her mind and allows her Harpy to take control for blood-lust. The way she ripped that man's throat out with her teeth was incredibly insane! She is bad-ass or is supposed to be, but the more I read the more I realized she was a scared woman. I loved watching her grow into herself after being a prisoner. The way she shied away from the Lords out of fear, but gave into Sabin. The way she grew into control over her Harpy. Amazing.

The romance was perfect. It was a great balance of determination, doubt, obsession and jealousy. I loved how they thought they were playing hard to get, but failed tremendously to do so. They easily meshed together and bonded without even realizing it. When they did finally acknowledge their feelings and the sexual tension it was absolutely explosive. I loved the betrayal between the two of them and how it instantly made them closer and made Gwen's three sisters love her.

That plot twist by far was insane. I could not believe who her real father was and of all the angels in the world -- why?! That ending was pretty awesome nonetheless.

Definitely love Gena Showalter and her writing!

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