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Title: The Request Trilogy

Author: Marquita Valentine

Series: The Request Trilogy #1-3

Age: Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Valentine Publishing, LLC

Format: E-Book

Source: The publishing company

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The Request Series, a sexy, thrilling romantic contemporary romance trilogy from NY Times Bestselling Author Marquita Valentine.

The Request, Book 1: Meet Roman Smith: Shopkeeper by Day. Assassin by Night. The undercover Russian contract killer has never turned down an assignment that rids the world of scum… until his latest job targets an innocent man. Refusing is not an option, because of Everly Andrews, the sexy southern belle who saved him from dying. She's completely unaware of his double life, but has been marked as next on the kill list should he fail. Only, what The Bratva doesn't know--there’s nothing Roman won’t do to keep Everly safe.

The Deception, Book 2: Drugged and deposited in a hotel in Prague, Roman must be on guard at all times in order to protect his lover, Everly Andrews, but the countdown has begun, and it won't stop until his next target, or Everly, is terminated.Can Roman protect Everly until he can eliminate the threat to her life?

The Confession, Book 3: Left for dead, Roman's cover has been blown. Worse, Everly is in Viktor's evil clutches, yet believes Roman to be the bad guy. Roman can't trust anyone, not even his cousin, Benjamin, who he must team up with to rescue Everly. Will Roman get there in time to save her, or will Everly be another casualty of a family grab for power in the Bratva?

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The Request

Roman has been shot and left for dead in his own book shop. 
“At the same time?” she asks, voice trembling as she sits back. Once again her hands go to my face, stroking my cheek. She leans over me and this close I can see the fullness of her lips, the smoothness of her skin and the concern in her gaze.
“No, love. Check the wounds to see if the bullet went all the way through or not.”
“O—okay.” Gingerly, she moves away from me, careful to place my head on the hardwood floor. I watch as she grabs a pair of scissors from her purse. “I knew these would come in handy one day.”
Quickly, she cuts my pants leg off. In the background, I’m dimly aware the emergency operator is still on the line. “Well?”
“I can’t… Oh God, Roman, I have to pick up your leg to see.”
“Don’t move him,” the operator shouts. 
Everly’s gaze flies to mine. She licks her lips, clearly torn between a professional and me, the reserved shopkeeper. “What do you want me to do?” she asks softly.
“Check, please, I’ll help you.” Gritting my teeth, I lift my leg, and break out into a cold sweat. “Hurry, darling.”
“There’s a hole in the back, but it’s small,” she says and I prop my foot on the shelf in front of me.
Sirens blare. 
Everly looks over her shoulder. “They’re here. Thank God. They’re here, Roman.”
“Thank you,” I breathe, letting the darkness take me once more. Even if I never wake up again, this heaven I’m experiencing right now is worth it.

The Deception

I think this scene between Roman and Everly speaks for itself.
The tips of her fingers touch my bare thigh. She is nearly nude, only the thin barrier of her lingerie separates us. 
“Does my state of undress bother you?” I murmur.
Her cheeks turn pink. “Nope.”
This is insane. I should get out of bed and check our surroundings, find out where the hell we are, and get Everly to safety. Her hand wraps around my cock and I jolt, as if she’d struck me with lightning. A groan slips past my lips.
“Stay in bed with me, Roman,” she says, beginning a leisurely stroke down my shaft. “I feel much better today.”

The Confession

Roman must save Everly from his former mentor Viktor before he kills her… or worse, but he must find a way to get to her. His cousin Ben stands in his way. Or so he thinks.
 “I’d rather not,” I say softly. “You have two choices, Ben. Kill me before I kill you, or we work together.”
Ben sets down his knife and pulls out his gun, checking the chamber.  He points it in my direction, straight at my heart. Angling the gun a fraction of an inch higher, he cocks his head to one side and pulls the trigger. A bullet embeds itself into the headboard behind me. 
I don’t move, I don’t blink. I don’t fucking breathe. This isn’t the first time I’ve been tested like this.
“Whoops,” he says. Lowering his arm, he puts the gun in his holster and lets his coat fall back into place. “You’re going to have to trust me, cuz. What I say goes. Can you do that?”

The Request Series, in Five Words

Sexy: The chemistry between Roman and Everly is off the charts. He’s burning for her, and has been for months!
Thrilling: I kill off a main character  in the second installment.  Enough said. ;)
Fast-paced: Spain, Germany, France, Morocco,  and North Carolina (yep, you read that correctly)- to name a few locations- by train, by car, by private jet, or running on foot away from a mansion on the verge of collapse. Roman is on the run the entire time.
Suspenseful: Roman never knows who is completely on his side, or who wants him dead.
Hot: Well… when Roman finally gets his hands on Everly, like he’s been wanting to do for months… make sure you have a fan or some ice on hand.

Getting to Know Roman and Everly

Roman is a great romantic hero because not only is protective, he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. And for him the greater good is Everly Andrew’s safety. He’s also very observant, using his assassin training to do very sweet things for Everly—like always have her favorite hot chocolate and flavor of jelly beans on hand whenever she visits his book shop. Finally, the hallmark of a great romantic hero is that he’s a unselfish lover, taking care of Everly’s pleasure first. It gives him pleasure to satisfy her.

My Review

The Request

The Request was a beautiful beginning to this series! I fell in love with Roman Smith from the start and Everly was just so sweet! I loved the tension between the two of them sexually and emotionally. I hated how he got shot -- that tore me to pieces, but thankfully he lived! I loved the action, lies and deception in this novella. Just perfection!

The Deception

The Deception was an awesome sequel! I enjoyed learning more about who Roman Smith truly was, learning about Vicktor and his Roman's family. The sexually tension between Roman and Everly was finally sealed after a few go's between them. Learning that Everly was a kept woman sexually intrigued me. I love how she stayed true to herself after her last "boyfriend" hurt her. I hated how Roman sent Everly away, but he did it to protect her. That's love.

The Confession

Can you say absolutely amazing conclusion! I love Roman's grandfather to death! I enjoyed how his grandfather set everything in motion just to teach his father a lesson. I hated how his father actually died at the end after being reunited with his mother, but he deserved it. I love how Ben and Roman found out they were related. I love how Roman went after his girl all the way back to her hometown and how he got help from his brother and her family. Totally sweet.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and plan to read more work from Marquita Valentine.

Author Bio

New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh. She’s the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.

Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man—and if that doesn't work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

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