Book Review | The Man Without Rules by Tyffani Clark Kemp

Title: The Man Without Rules

Author: Tyffani Clark Kemp

Series: Without Rules #1

Age: Adult

Genres: Erotica, Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: September 5th, 2013 

Publisher: Smashwords

Page Numbers: 279

Format: E-Book

Source: Purchased from B&N

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Sebastian Boa is "The Man Without Rules." Rules just don't apply to him. When he meets Mariss Red one night at one of his night clubs, he sets his sights on her and makes a play. But Mariss is married and she has no desire to lose what she loves for a one night stand. The harder Sebastian tries the more Mariss refuses and he realizes that his feelings for her may be deeper than he ever thought possible for a man like him. And he finds himself changing to be worthy of the one woman who has ever told him no.

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Sebastian took Mariss by the arm and pulled her down the hall. "Go to the car, Hellena," he growled. "You're going home." He sent a quick text to his driver as he led Mariss to one of the empty edit bays. Sebastian locked the door and pushed her up against it. His knee, he slid between her legs and used it to lift her until she was at eye level with him.
"What are you doing?" Her voice came breathy and lacking conviction.
"I'm going to kiss you." Without waiting for permission, Sebastian pressed his lips to hers. He didn't care that she tasted like a chili cheese burger with extra onions. What mattered was the taste and feel of her lips against his. His tongue explored the depths of her mouth, caressing her tongue as he did.
She didn't push him away. It occurred to him that she wasn't able to tell him no, but he continued to kiss her until he'd had enough.
He had yet to realize that, with Mariss there was no such thing as enough. Most women were out of his system within weeks, but Mariss had been lurking there, tainting his blood for over half a year.
The kiss turned heated and hungry. Mariss moaned into his mouth and her fingers found their way into his hair. It was his turn to moan as the feel of her fingers on his scalp once again sent tingles up and down his spine.
"I want to take you to bed, Red."

My Thoughts

Tyffani Clark Kemp is simply brilliant! Having only read her New Adult Paranormal trilogy I must say this much more intriguing for me. The Man Without Rules follows two seemingly different people that fall in love and can't help it. A man-whore who has no rules and a woman who is loyal -- perfect concoction for a couple.

Sebastian Boa is a man of many things, but he's famous for his sex. He sleeps with anything that has a two legs and a vagina and doesn't care to have just one woman. He doesn't even believe in love either. He comes across Mariss Red at his fetish club with her husband. After a chance encounter he can't help but indulge his feelings for her even though he knows she's married.

Mariss Red is a stunning and beautiful entrepreneur. On her birthday she stumbles into Sebastian's fetish club with her husband for one thing -- to fulfill her fantasy. Sex with two men at the same -- crazy! She enjoys her night, but as she is "chased" be Sebastian she tries to stay faithful to her husband.

Holden Red is a man in love with his wife. He keeps his wife happy at all costs. When she told him her fantasy he agreed to play it out. She enjoyed it so much and agreed to an "open" relationship with Sebastian. The only rules: no vaginal, no kissing and only when he's around. The only question is will that lasts?

OMG! This totally had me on the edge of my bed reading it in one sitting. I couldn't believe how crazy this story was. I mean first off Holden is a sweet husband, but he should have NEVER opened up Pandora's box at all within his marriage because no matter how hard it will always end up in shambles. I loved that Sebastian stayed true to who he was and told Holden straight up that he was after his wife. I mean Holden should have saw that flashing lights, sirens blaring and the signs, but no he went along with it for his wife -- idiot! Mariss was such a strong woman. She gained feelings for Sebastian, but tried her best to keep them at bay because she loved her husband and wanted to stay faithful, but things never work out like that. The fact that she and Sebastian crossed that line of rules Holden set definitely spiked some intense drama.

I enjoyed Juliet -- she was just hilarious in every way. I love her sarcasm and how she was the only woman not interested in sleeping with Sebastian. I was sad when she quit, but glad for her going to work with Mariss. I hated Hellena! She was a total delusional chick thinking she could have Sebastian to herself. She clearly needed help to the max! I didn't like how she tried to get rid of Mariss (trying to kill her, frame Sebastian for rape and etc), but I loved how Mariss stood her ground.

Overall, I totally loved and enjoyed this book and immediately had to start on the sequel, The Red Wife!

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