Why I Love E-Readers/Books!

Hello to all you lovely book lovers, addicts and avid readers!

This is going to be a post explaining something I get asked about a lot and that’s my E-Reader and my view on E-Books. I have been in love with books since the moment I learned to read. Reading has always been a way for me to experience new things in life and just escape when I want to. I love reading books, magazines and occasionally the newspaper.

Don’t take this post the wrong way, I love physical books just as much as the next person, but my issue with physical books are as follows:
  • paper cuts (they seriously suck to a T)
  • making sure the book doesn’t get damaged
  • can’t highlight in a book because it will look damaged
  • hate folding the corner of pages
  • books tend to be heavy
  • takes up a lot of space >> purchase loads of bookshelves
  • very costly no matter what site books are ordered from
  • hard to read while in laying down, at night or in bad weather
  • pages can rip easily
Now once again, don’t get me wrong physical books are awesome to have. They look pretty, feel amazing, are great for book events & signings and just look awesome when you want to show off your personal library, but let’s be real – even colleges are now putting text books on laptops and iPads for students.

The reality is that physical books are going to soon be useless and E-Readers will take over.

Here’s why I love E-Readers:
  • They’re portable. E-Readers are tiny and weigh little to nothing; you can easily throw it in your bag and be on the go. You can read on the train, a long flight, the car or out on the beach.
  • Clutter-free. Instead of having shelves of books that take up space (especially if you’re a new mom like me) you can have your books neatly organized by genre or in collections via virtual bookshelves.
  • Can own thousands of books. With some E-Readers you get the option to have extra storage via a microSD card so you can have ten thousand books and never have to worry about what to read, where to put your books, buying new bookshelves or etc.
  • Can read books in secret. Let's be hobest, some covers are hideous and sometimes you want to read a book that’s embarrassing. With an E-Reader covers are kept secret and only you will know what you’re reading.
  • Can personalize reading experience. You can change the font, font size, reading background – if you have an E-Reader tablet – change how the pages turn and much more.
  • Read in bed. Because E-Readers are light they are easy to hold in your hand while laying in bed without having to worry about the pages flipping or your wrist hurting. Even better if your E-Readers has a case with a stand.
  • Read in the dark. E-Readers now come with backlit lights or LED lights. You can adjust the brightness of your screen and read during the night without keeping your light on or using a flashlight.
  • Sample books. Sometimes you never know if you’ll enjoy a book fully unless you sample it. With E-Readers you can sample E-Books and determine whether it’s a good choice to spend your money on.
  • Cost-effectiveness. E-Books are way cheaper then physical copies will ever be. Especially since there are always discounts and desls on Kindle, Nook and Kobo.
  • Easy access to Library books via Overdrive or library’s website. With access to Overdrive you can now access your library's database and borrow books without a hassle. From E-Books to audiobooks. It’s always at the tip of your fingers even when the library is closed.
  • Lending books is easy. With E-Readers now allowing you to share books among friends with the same E-Reader or account you never have to worry about a book going missing or getting damaged. Lending has time limits and allows you to share any book and at any time and always guarantees your book is with you.
  • Can note-take. E-Readers come with highlighting, bookmark and note options so you don’t have to worry about damaging your book.
  • Instantly buy books. With E-Readers equipped with their own bookstore you can quickly buy books and have them instantly and not have to worry about shipping fees or tracking packages.
Even though I love my E-Reader, there are still downfalls as there is always a con to things in life.

Why E-Readers can be hard:
  • glares from the light
  • runs on batteries
  • if dropped your books are gone (if side loaded and they are not saved to a microSD card or computer)
  • not as gorgeous as a shelf full of books
  • can’t safely read while in a bubble bath
Overall, I highly recommend people to get E-Readers. They enhance your reading experience and doubles the amount of time you spend reading.

You can choose between a basic E-Reader (Kindle Paperwhite, Nook Glowlight) or E-Reader Tablet (Kindle Fires, Nook HD and Kobo Auras/Arcs).

I personally own a Nook HD, it's an E-Reader tablet. I will do a review of this product soon. I’ve had it since January and I absolutely love it! My mother owns a Kindle Fire and she loves hers!

What are your thoughts on E-Readers and E-Books?


  1. I prefer ebooks over print books too and I agree with all the points on your list. I also like the ability to search withing an ebook and the built-in dictionary.

    1. Yes!!! I love it too and the built-in dictionary is so useful.


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