Book Review | Satan's Prep by Gabe Guarente

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Title: Satan's Prep: A Graphic Novel

Author: Gabe Guarente

Series: --

Genres: Graphic Novel, 

Publication: Sky Pony Press

Expected Publication Date: August 5th, 2014

Page Numbers: 112

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Seventeen-year-old Trevor Loomis’s high school is literally Hell. In an unfortunate theological snafu, Trevor finds himself at Satan’s Prep in the bowels of Hell after he dies choking on a Cheesy Crisp. At Satan’s Prep, Trevor is forced through Nine Class Periods of Hell, a take on the classic Circles of Hell. From First Period (homeroom, where students’ names are mispronounced a billion ways) to Ninth Period (an assembly, where students stand under spotlights and make speeches in their underwear), Trevor just wants to pass the semester with a 61 percent humanity level and transfer to Purgatory. But when Persephone Plumm shows up at Satan’s Prep, Trevor starts to think that maybe Hell isn’t so bad after all. But could Trevor’s best friend Steve be right—could Persephone be a succubus? Will Trevor ever be able to transfer out of Satan’s Prep—and now that Persephone has arrived, will he even want to?

Gabe Guarente’s Satan’s Prep is a clever, engrossing graphic novel for young adults about the classic struggle through adolescence seen in a new way—high school as Hell! Trevor and his band of misfit classmates are relatable and funny, and this book is sure to impress both devoted graphic novel fans and teens new to the genre.

My Rating: ★★★★★

Quote(s) I Like:
"Someone kill me. Oh wait -- I'm already dead. Damn." - Trevor

"I apologize in advance if I end up projectile vomiting on you." - Trevor

"Is it possible to have a reverse erection? A de-rection?" - Trevor

My Thoughts:
This graphic novel was absolutely outstanding for me. From the artwork, to the story line to the characters...pure gold.

This graphic novel follows Trevor, after he is killed from a shortage in cheap amp, at Satan's Prep. Satan's Prep is basically a high school teenagers that should be going to hell but they go there to try and shape up to see if their souls can be saved. Simple put, it's a school for lost souls. Trevor was an awesome male protagonist. Despite his cowardice ways he somehow became strong, witty and very sarcastic. He disobeyed the rules because of a clerical error that landed him in Satan's Prep instead of purgatory.

The love interest Persephone Plumm seems very strange at first, but as the story progresses on I find that despite who she really is she tries her best to make a friendship with Trevor which eventually turns into so much more.

I totally love the idea of a high school in Hell. The science class was absolutely hilarious. Having to literally be dissected looked cool. The gym scene was definitely PRICELESS.

As for the artwork -- amazing! The details, the colors, the depiction of each character...done profoundly.

I totally enjoyed this graphic novel.

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