Summer Of "50" Read-a-Long

Hosted by Brianna of Bri Bookish Confessions:

As you may have already seen, all this summer starting from May 16th up until the weekend before August 25th I’m hosting read-a-longs! No, there will not be 50 read-a-longs.. The point to the 50 is because this summer I plan to read 50 books to help decrease my HUGE TBR pile. Well, with those 50 books, the read-a-longs are included!

I am totally excited to be apart of this read-a-long! I plan to read every single book on the list or my goal is to read at least 25 of the books for this read-a-long.

Below are the books and their corresponding starting dates. For the schedule check out the Goodreads group for all the information and discussion boards.

We are currently reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer for the read-a-long, which started on Friday, May 16th.

  • Cinder, May 16th
  • The Kill Order, May 16th
  • The Maze Runner, May 20th
  • Don't Look Back, May 23rd
  • Delirium, May 26th
  • Alienated, May 27th
  • Pushing the Limits, May 30th
  • The Fault in Our Stars, June 1st
  • Under the Never Sky, June 5th
  • The Edge of Never, June 7th
  • The Diviners, June 11th
  • Attachments, June 15th
  • Across the Universe, June 17th
  • The Program, June 20th
  • Ruby Red, June 23rd
  • Arclight, June 25th
  • Of Poseidon, June 26th
  • Easy, June 28th

  • Hollow City, July 6th
  • If I Stay, July 7th
  • The 5th Wave, July 8th
  • Crash, July 11th
  • Hush, Hush, July 14th
  • The Golden Lily, July 16th
  • Beautiful Creatures, July 18th
  • Legend, July 21st
  • White Cat, July 24th
  • Falling Kingdoms, July 26th

  • Starcrossed, August 1st
  • Nightshade, August 4th
  • Unraveling, August 6th
  • Graceling, August 8th
  • Perfect Ruin, August 11th
  • The Lying Game, August 12th
  • Immortal Beloved, August 13th
  • The Collector, August 15th
  • Wither, August 17th
  • Ink, August 19th
This summer long read-a-long is going to be exciting for me because I have all these books on my ever growing TBR list. 

Do you plan to join in on the fun?!