Book Review | The Spell Master by Markelle Grabo

**Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Title: The Spell Master

Author: Markelle Grabo

Series: Journey into the Realm #2

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal

Publication/Year: • 2012

Page Numbers: 406

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Only one key can unlock the secret...

After discovering her true heritage and rescuing her sister, Ramsey Wilder is finally adjusting to life in the Elf Realm. She still has a lot to learn though, especially about her new power, which makes her start in ability school extremely convenient. But even as she immerses herself in school life, the secret she has yet to learn continues to linger in the back of her mind, as well as thoughts of Finn and his dangerous promise to return. And with Stellan away at war and Zora acting strange, Ramsey has no one to turn to but Nathan, an elf from school with much more to him than spells and a sarcastic sense of humor – one that Ramsey can't help but gravitate toward. And as danger reenters Ramsey's life, the terror and mystery only brings them closer together, threatening her future with Stellan and jeopardizing her relationship with her sister.

Ramsey can't lie to herself forever about what – and who – she truly desires, but is she ready for more changes to be a part of her already uncertain future? In this thrilling second installment, the key to Ramsey's secret may very well also unlock the secrets to her heart.
My Rating: ★★★★★

Quote(s) I Like:
"We spent the entire time learning about important elves in history who had powers of the mind. Lord Clark said it was necessary to know the history of our power. But if I had wanted history, I would have stayed in first period." - Ramsey

"Those who are hungry for power ingnore all family ties." - Lady Celine

"When using a spell, be careful not to acacidentally direct the hand signals at yourself. Keep your hands outstretched before you and not close to your body. Otherwise, the spell will be performed on you. You do not want to see what happens when you try to unlock yourself." - Rosina

"Now I finally have a choice of my own. And I'm choosing to separate myself from the limitations of my past -- all the decisions that were decided for me, not by me. I'm sure you can understand that, Ramsey." - Zora

"Just go Ellie, leave. Leave before the anger returns and I can't let you go. Because killing you would make me a monster too. So go before I change my mind and kill you just so you'll finally shut up." - Ramsey

My Thoughts:
Simple word to described the sequel to a very outstanding trilogy -- A M A Z I N G!

I thought the first book was great, but the sequel takes the cake! The secret is revealed. New love arises. Friendship deceived. Death takes place. New journeys have to oh man...I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The Spell Master is the sequel to The Elf Girl which is story that follows the journey of fifteen year old elfen Ramsey Wilder. In book one, we learn that Ramsey is an elfen (female elf) that was taken to the Human Realm for protection because she has a secret that every Realm -- mostly Elemental Fairies -- want to know. In The Elf Girl, she encounters countless meetings with various Elemental Fairies and has to save her sister Zora from them before she gives the secret away. Book 1 ended amazingly with Ramsey meeting guy she has a strong attraction to saving her sister, receiving her ability, learning that her boyfriend Stellan is a dog, getting a note from Finn (fire fairy general) and still not knowing her secret.

The Spell Master reveals so much for us. Ramsey attends ability school
 (which eventually closes because teachers with high status are needed for the war) since she is now sixteen years old and has her ability. During this time Stellan is away at war, Addison is at the palace helping the queen, Zora becomes an overprotective and distant jealous sister and she learns that the guy she has a strong attraction for is the one she should be with.

Nathan, her new love, is an amazing young man. He is a Spell Master and he helped her find out her secret by opening up the trunk for her. I love how even though they had insta love they worked on a relationship slowly. Totally loved when the dragons hatched -- Kalani being Ramsey's dragon and Razi being Zora's

Ramsey's secret definitely was a surprise. I thought it had to do with her ability, but I was more shocked when it had to do with who she really was. Being that she was royal made it ten times better. I love how she becomes much more different to elves. Knowing her secret makes the understanding of her being the Chosen Daughter and being the one to end the war between Realms much easier.

I truly review this book without giving too much away to the story, I highly suggest picking it up.

I will say however that Ramsey killing Finn was amazing! And the way she learned to work with her abilities and deal with the danger of the Elemental Fairies was great. Ramsey definitely has grown since the first book and I'm excited to see what happens next for her.

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