Book Review | The Elf Girl by Markelle Grabo

**Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Title: The Elf Girl

Author: Markelle Grabo

Series: Journey into the Realm #1

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal

Publication/Year: • 2011

Page Numbers: 370

Synopsis from Goodreads:
The beginning of an incredible journey...

At fifteen, Ramsey Wilder spends every day receiving numerous taunts and insults from those around her because of her strange, exotic looks. With her pale skin and striking features – not to mention the pointy ears – she struggles with self-confidence, often feeling out of place in her small home town of Wisconsin.

One night, Ramsey nearly drowns from what she can only describe as a magical encounter, and when she meets a beautiful pair of siblings who happen to have the same physical features as she, Ramsey learns that she is far more different than she once realized. She is an elf.

Whisked away to a magical Realm with unique beings like her, Ramsey finds herself placed with the duty of finding her long lost sister. Kidnapped by fairies in the middle of a dangerous war between fae and the elf kind, her sister is the key to a secret surrounding Ramsey’s past that could potentially affect the outcome of the war. Without her, Ramsey will never know why her parents sent her to live with the humans in the first place, or why threats far deadlier than the war itself seem to be waiting in the wings.

Dangers lie waiting for Ramsey wherever she goes, and as she delves deeper into the world of fantasy, she learns that magic isn’t always wondrous and beautiful; it can be cruel and wicked.

Surrounded by mystery, magic…and even a little romance, Ramsey sets out to save her sister, unveil her past, and discover herself.
My Rating: ★★★★★

Quote(s) I Like:
"I reminded myself of a ghost, haunted. That had to change. I would have no hope of finding my sister if I continued to feel this defeated." - Ramsey

"I had several things to accomplish. Organization was a way to half convince myself that I was being useful." - Ramsey

"War was just pride covered with a huge mass of fighting and death." - Ramsey

"That's not my fault. You wanted answers, and I gave you some. It's your problem whether they are the ones you are looking for or not." - Ramsey to Lura

"I put them in Danica's closet. You wouldn't believe how disgraceful it is! She is quite a slob! I knew Thane wouldn't have the heart to go through it, so I shoved them to the back." - Brielle

My Thoughts:
I have never read a book about elves and fairies before (I have not any of The Hobbit or Lord of the Ring books), so for me this was a first time trying one out and I was highly impressed and thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Markelle Grabo did an excellent job in building a world where three realms collide: Human, Elf and Fairy. The world building throughout this book is detailed, intense and captivating. You will surely get sucked into the world. The writing was purely gold for me. It was an intense read because of all the details, but it definitely was smooth and easy to read.

This story follows fifteen year old Ramsey. She lives in the Human Realm in Wisconsin, with her family. She gets teased for having pointy ears and she doesn't understand why? She also realizes that she is extremely different from her family in looks. Things to start to go strange when she meets a young lady by the name of Addison, she gets attacked by water, saved by a random person and meets a handsome guy with the same ears. She soon learns she is different because she is in fact an elf or rather an elfen (female elf).

When she finds out her true identity and her real life, thanks to Addison, she decides to go to the Elf Realm in which she ventures out to save her real sister Zora from the Elemental Fairies (currently war between the Elves and Elemental Fairies), find out what her secret is and why the fairies want her dead. Along the way she makes new friends, falls in love and learns that she is finally home.

Throughout the book you have a bit of everything: romance, action, comedy, friendship, finding ones self and family struggles.

This book is definitely one of a kind!

Highly suggest anyone looking for a good elf novel to check this book and the whole series out!

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