Book Review | Life in the Palace by Catherine Green

**I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Title: Life in the Palace

Author: Catherine Green

Series: Palace Saga, #1

Genres: Paranormal Romance

Publication/Year: Smashwords • 2014

Page Numbers: 398

Synopsis from Goodreads:
"Finding her soul mate was enough for Chloe Diaz. She was happy to leave saving the world to her religious study partner. But what if you are the big bad? Chloe learns that, in the Palace, destiny is not enough."
My Rating★★★★★

Quote(s) I Like:
"He'd better look away soon because I think I might drown in his eyes." - Chloe

"I wanted to see if you thought you were hot. You see, I'm planning on dating you. I don't date a lot. I only want to be with someone who's honest and I think you might be." - Seth

"Is it too unladylike to rip his clothes off?" - Chloe

"Having faith doesn't mean you have to like what happens, it means you accept it." - Mrs. Hols

"Love creates, it doesn't destroy. I'd give up an eternity in the Palace for a lifetime with you." - Seth

"Love means not letting the other person destroy themselves just to be with you. Love means doing what's best for them even if it's hard for you. Love comes with responsibilities." - Chloe

My Thoughts:
Wow...I will start by saying this is a well written novel. It took a good six chapters to fully get into, but man did I enjoy this book.

The beginning had me a bit confused with everything, but as the story progressed on my understanding of the premise grew. The characters and storyline was well thought out.

I love the relationship between Chloe and Seth. The basis of an Other being with a People seems so realistic to the society we live in today. Adding a college experience to the story just made it much more believable. The paranormal aspect lost me at first, but as Chloe started to see the Angels, see Tal fighting these animals and as she saw the Palace I began to understand.

The ending really sucked for me. I didn't expect for that to happen between them, but what sucked more was what the Guides were discussing. How uncool for no one to share the real truth with Chloe and make them both suffer.

Such a good cliffhanger that will keep a reader wanting more. My only question: where the heck did Seth disappear to?!

Outstanding novel!

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